Next Generation Secure Access is Here
Secure access from anywhere, any device with centralized management and visibility
Pulse Secure Appoints New CEO
Industry veteran Sudhakar Ramakrishna to lead Pulse Secure's rapidly evolving business
Gartner Catalyst Conference
Technically focused event offering in-depth tracks covering cloud computing, mobility, security and more.
Leading Companies Rely on Pulse Secure

"Customers want a consolidated offering for access control, SSL VPN, and mobile device security. Pulse Secure is in a great position to provide a unique solution."
Jeff Wilson
Infonetics Research
Mobility and BYOD create security challenges: Pulse Secure gives IT the tools to manage them.
Pulse Secure helps leading companies to address issues such as:
BYOD Mobility
Connect 24/7 to both personal and corporate apps in a safe environment that's easy to use.
Next-gen mobile workers need secure, next-gen mobile workspaces without compromise.
Remote corporate web and applications and compliance can coexist seamlessly.
Data Roamers
Secure remote access for all workers that is scalable and reliable without any mobile blind spots.
Traffic Control
Allow, restrict, or disallow? Real-time visibility of security access policies helps provide the answer.
Cyber Threats
Zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats can be stopped head on.
Acquisition of Junos Pulse Complete
Pulse Secure now is an independent company with the mission to empower business productivity through secure and seamless mobility. Learn More
Pulse Secure Purchases MobileSpaces
The MobileSpaces BYOD solution helps complete Pulse Secure’s leading solutions to provide seamless, secure access from anywhere and any device. Learn More
By Sudhakar Ramakrishna   |   June 24, 2015
It has been a fascinating journey of almost 25 years. I've had the good fortune of working at many great organizations over the course of my career - spanning multiple decades with industry giants like Citrix, Polycom, Motorola and 3Com.
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