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4 Ways vADC Can Transform Your Business

Chances are, your company has a hybrid IT environment composed of a traditional data center, a cloud infrastructure, virtual environments, remote services, mobile access, and legacy systems. You have undoubtedly discovered that providing secure access and connectivity between any user and any device to any kind of service is – to put it mildly – a challenge.

However, delivering secure access solutions for people, devices, things, and services is our mission at Pulse Secure which means we are up for the challenge. We recently acquired Brocade’s virtual application delivery controller (vADC) solution to augment the Pulse product portfolio and offer a secure access platform and comprehensive secure access solution.

A virtual application delivery controller can transform your business by extending the footprint of secure access in four key ways:

1. Secure access for enterprise applications
Whether your remote users are sitting in an airport or giving a presentation to a potential customer, they need access to your classic SharePoint or Office-based applications, as well as to your CRM or ERP systems such as SAP, WebDAV, or Salesforce. vADC gives you end-to-end secure access to all enterprise applications in a highly-scalable solution that incorporates best-in-class role-based access control. With “triple-A” functionality, you have the Authentication, Authorization, and Audit capabilities that are crucial for securing your enterprise applications.

2. Secure access to consumer-facing web applications
Secure access is not limited to your company users. Because Pulse vADC has a world-class virtual web application firewall, you are able to extend secure access to consumer-facing web applications. Therefore, as you deliver virtual services to your customers, you can have confidence that your network – and your customers – will remain secure at all times, protected from cyberattacks.

3. Local and global load balancing
As you adopt a software-defined data center architecture, your data center becomes highly distributed. Local and global server load balancing is crucial to maintain both performance and security across the network.

Pulse Secure’s vADC delivers intelligent load balancing at both the local and global levels for highly-scalable and highly-secure solutions. Suppose you have several network gateways located in North America and Asia-Pacific. A user who normally lives in San Jose, California travels to Singapore. The vADC will note where the user is currently located and where the nearest services are located. Instead of routing the user’s connectivity back to the San Jose gateway (the usual connection), it will make the switch to the Singapore gateway – enhancing the user experience with optimal performance.

4. Accelerates momentum into cloud platforms
You likely have services running in the cloud, or have adopted SaaS services as part of your IT infrastructure. Through the Pulse vADC, you can extend your platform to provide seamless, secure access to your cloud infrastructure. Single sign-on capability ensures a frictionless user experience while simplified administration lets you centrally manage access policies for SaaS, cloud, and data center applications and services.

Your hybrid IT environment – no matter how complex, distributed, and extensive – doesn’t have to cause you security concerns. Pulse vADC solutions provide fast, reliable application delivery across your virtual and cloud platforms at massive scale. So now the question is, are you ready to transform your business with vADC?