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Announcing 'Built for Mobility' release from Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure just released updates to its Pulse Workspace service and Mobility Clients on iOS & Android platforms. This is a ‘Built for Mobility’ release, and makes strides in enabling Mobility for the Enterprises, as part of our ‘Secure Access’ portfolio.

Pulse Workspace is our Mobile Device Management offering, and allows enterprises to seamlessly enable ‘BYOD’ initiatives for their end users. It is an offering designed with ‘Simplicity’ as a key focus, where Simplicity can be defined as – Guaranteeing Security to enable Productivity and great end user experiences. This is unlike what typical management solutions provide – lockdown controls to manage security, and in the process, create end user frustration. At the end of the day, the whole notion of enabling mobility, is to allow your users to be productive and happy on these devices – if you lose this as part of Secure management, then you haven’t really delivered on the goal.

With this release of Pulse Workspace (and the mobile clients – iOS & Android), we have focused on the App Delivery experience, that is key to enabling a seamless mobile rollout. Pulse Workspace now provides an Enterprise App Store, which is a one go to place for all end users to discover and download / install the needed apps, for being productive on the go. Now some apps may be marked as ‘Mandatory’ by the admin, such as email for all users, or Salesforce for the sales teams, and these apps are auto installed as part of enrolling a device. But for other apps that you don’t want to force the user to have, the users have an option to go and discover apps that may be meaningful to them, and if considered relevant, seamlessly install on their devices. As expected, these apps and the related data, is part of the managed ‘container’ on that device, as enabled by the underlying operating systems – iOS and Android for Work. Further to the app delivery flexibility, we have also introduced ‘App Config’ capabilities, that allow an admin to pre-configure the needed settings for an app to work. So, if you are pushing Salesforce, you can pre-configure Salesforce with the Server / Domain URL it must connect to. When a Sales user receives the Salesforce app as part of device enrollment, his experience is seamless – click the app to launch, and it auto connects to Salesforce and starts showing data; no user intervention / configuration required. This experience relies on something little more than App Config – enterprises can leverage our Cloud Secure solution, for seamless SSO into cloud services.

On the client side, we continue to make our unified mobile clients (one single client for VPN, MDM & End point protection) more powerful, yet seamless. The 6.3.0 release (iOS & Android) provides the client side experience for Enterprise App Store and App Config, but beyond that also introduces new innovations such as Stealth Mode that enables seamless access without the user even knowing about it, Support for Enterprise Wi-Fi, so that devices can be provisioned by Pulse Workspace to auto connect to corporate Wi-Fi networks, Profile level passcodes instead of device level enforcement, and much more.

Mobility is powerful, and with the right technology partner, it can also be truly secure and seamless. Pulse Secure brings to you Secure Access Solutions, that help you consolidate your IT infrastructure (VPN, MDM, NAC, IdP) into a single management and policy enforcement plane, while providing a seamless unified experience to your users.