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Automating Solutions for Guest Access

How is IT managing guest accounts at your organization? Enterprises should have a refined yet simplistic IT strategy that defines the roles of such users who need to connect to the network…because sometimes your guest's productivity means your productivity.

Visitors always expect Secure Access when arriving at a corporate office. While we provide network access to guests, some users like contractors or employee sponsored need additional resource access. Today we are excited to support a Sponsored Approved Guest Access solution with the latest release of Pulse Policy Secure 5.4R3. This feature enables sponsors to grant permissions for special users who are not necessarily traditional employees.

PPS supports three types of mechanisms for Sponsored Guest Access.

Self-Registration: Visitors can connect to the corporate network and upon connection, Pulse Policy Secure enables them to self-register via a self-registration page and create their own guest account for Internet access.  Once this registration process is complete, we will further automate this self-registration process by delivering account credentials directly to the user browser. Optionally we also support sharing credentials through SMS/E-mail.

Guest User Account Manager (GUAM): In this case, a guest admin can act as administrator and create guest users and manage their accounts. Additionally, these admins can create multiple guest accounts and notify credentials through SMS/E-mail.

Sponsored Approved Guest Access: Pulse Policy Secure provides additional security to validate guests/contractors by sponsoring before access is granted to the corporate network. Sponsors can approve or deny guest accounts and in turn activate or delete accounts.

Pulse Policy Secure also provides compliance checks for all users to validate the security posture of the endpoint. The Host Checker component performs and evaluates that user endpoints are compliant with the latest anti-virus, patches and firewall securities in order to prevent the risk. Admins can also implement remediation steps if user endpoints fail to meet Host Checker policy, by applying enforcement policies dynamically to restrict endpoint access and automatically remediating.

Before you welcome your guests, be sure to have a defined role-based strategy that enables them to connect securely while your enterprise maintains its Secure Access integrity.

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