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Balancing IT Control and User Experience with Pulse Mobile Clients

It is no more a question of go or no-go when it comes to allowing BYOD in an organization. Organizations of all sizes and of all industries have adopted mobility solutions in some form or shape. Some organizations have strict security policy enforcement requirements while other organizations have slightly flexible policies which are targeted towards BYOD programs.

An important question for IT teams is -  How to deliver mobile access securely and seamlessly. While IT teams want full control on how mobile access should be allowed, it should not come at the cost of end-user experience which would reduce the benefits of allowing mobile access for improved productivity. Organizations should carefully evaluate the full range of deployment options as well as security controls that any secure mobile access solution offers.

Pulse Secure offers a highly secure and flexible deployment option for mobile platforms using the Pulse Mobile Clients. Pulse Mobile Clients are supported on both iOS and Android platforms, and offer a wide range of features. Below is a summary of different deployment options, Pulse Mobile Clients readiness and use cases.


 Deployment Options


Highlights of Pulse Mobile Clients


  • On-demand VPN: Pulse Secure is the only solution in the market to provide on-demand VPN for both Android and iOS platforms. Pulse Secure has developed its own technology for implementing on-demand VPN on Android though the underlying framework doesn’t have any capabilities. On iOS, Apple framework is used to implement on-demand VPN. Customers can have consistent user experience across both mobile platforms unlike other solutions where on-demand VPN might be available only on iOS.


  • Flexibility: As explained in the above table, there are multiple deployment options that customers can choose from based on their business and infrastructure needs. Pulse Mobile Clients provide the flexibility for admins to choose their preferred option.


  • Unified Clients: Pulse Mobile Clients can be managed with any of the common EMM solutions such as AirWatch or MobileIron. Pulse Secure has its own lightweight EMM product Pulse Workspace. Pulse Mobile Clients are tightly integrated with Pulse Workspace so that the same client can perform VPN as well as EMM operations. Customers can have a single platform for secure remote access, secure mobile access and secure network access with unified clients.


It is a tough job to strike the perfect balancing act between IT security controls and seamless end-user experience. Pulse Secure has the history and expertise to help customers achieve the best of both worlds with its strong Secure Access product portfolio.

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