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Boost Employee Productivity with BYOD

Any individual who has a smartphone or tablet is now spending an average of 2 hours and 57 minutes on them each day. This is according to a study quoted in this November 2014 article on That’s a tremendous opportunity for enterprises to boost employee productivity and it’s not unnoticed. In a recent survey of enterprise customers, nearly 60 percent of companies felt that BYOD was a strategic way to mobilize more workers. So, how can BYOD help your organization achieve the goal of improved employee productivity?

  • Recruit Top Talent – In order to stay competitive, organizations must be able to attract and retain the best talent available in the job market. Today’s tech-savvy generation evaluates companies largely based on the adoption of technology best practices, such as having a BYOD policy. Millennials rate highly the companies that do have a BYOD policy and consider them their preferred employers over “laggards” who are yet to do so. If your company is able to recruit and retain the best talent, your average employee productivity is bound to rise too.
  • Swifter CommunicationThis Infographic shows that 70% of employees who have smartphones, check their work emails regularly, outside of business hours. This means that communications sent to employees after-hours have a higher chance of being read. This leads to better preparedness and faster responses. Consequently, this leads to higher productivity.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction – Employees certainly do enjoy using their personal devices. They are more comfortable using the devices that they know and like. This contributes to greater satisfaction among employees as reaffirmed by the results of a survey which stated that BYOD-friendly organizations are 37% more likely to report improved employee satisfaction. Happier employees tend to put in extra work hours. In another survey quoted in CIO Magazine, employees put in up to 2 extra hours of work and send up to 20 more emails per day, if their company has a BYOD policy. These are all very significant figures and truly demonstrate how effective BYOD is in improving employee productivity.
  • Better Access to Work Data – A BYOD policy commonly includes a cloud-focused strategy. This provides employees with an ‘anywhere, anytime’ access to the relevant data and their work stored in the cloud. Needless to say, this enhances the overall efficiency of work as well as employee productivity significantly.

At Pulse Secure, our industry-leading solutions empower seamless mobility through a comprehensive line of virtual private network, network access control and mobile security products. Some of the industry-leading and productivity maximizing features that our Secure SSL VPN Services consist of include:

  • High performance and scale providing end users seamless and blazing fast access to company resources
  • Automated BYOD on-boarding which offers best-in-class on-boarding of Android and iOS devices and a native user-experience
  • Pulse Secure Client which is an integrated, multi-service client software that enables anytime, anywhere connectivity, security and acceleration with a simplified user experience
  • Pulse Workspace respects user privacy and choice, limiting IT visibility and control to the enterprise container; thus giving employees a native user experience on their personal device of choice
  • Pulse Workspaces is an innovation that makes every employee a mobile worker with constant access to cloud and datacenter resources for collaboration, messaging, CRM, ERP and information sharing
  • Consistent and familiar user experience when working on laptops, desktops and mobile devices
  • "Work anywhere" productivity from any smart device - Apple iOS, Android and Windows phone

Start benefiting from BYOD, the quickest and most effective way to increase employee productivity in a secure manner. Call Pulse Secure at 844-807-8573 today and speak to a representative to get a free demo customized to your organization’s BYOD needs.