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Is Your Business Continuity Hurting? Put ICE on It

It’s one thing to ensure secure access in the course of normal day-to-day business. It’s quite another thing to provide secure access when a crisis – whether large or small – disrupts your workforce. That is where Pulse ICE (In Case of Emergency) steps in: to provide secure access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Pulse ICE is an optional license that works with Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) to instantly accommodate spikes in remote access demand that occur as a result of natural disasters and other public emergencies. ICE does so by providing licenses for a large number of additional users on a PCS device for a limited time, avoiding the expense of purchasing permanent user licenses. With ICE, all your employees can stay connected to critical applications and services via their laptops and mobile devices.

Consider these scenarios, all of which can cause a spike in remote access demand … and seriously injure your business productivity if that access is not available:

  • Weather Worries. Severe weather can knock out office power for one day or several weeks. Whatever the duration, ICE makes sure the weather never knocks out your business.
  • Environmental Emergencies. In times of drought or other natural crises, employees may be asked to work from home. ICE licenses make that shift possible without purchasing permanent user licenses for each employee.
  • Terrorist Tactics. Bomb scares and civilian shootings are making headlines every day. ICE keeps workers productive in the safety of their own homes.
  • Illness Interruptions. Pandemics like the H1N1 virus often result in employees working from home to avoid the spread of infection. ICE helps workers – and the business – stay healthy.
  • Strike Strains. Transportation strikes can prevent your workers from getting to the office. ICE keeps the wheels of business rolling even when transport wheels are stalled.
  • Vacation Vacancies. Vacations aren’t a crisis, but if too many people are out of the office and incommunicado, they can cause one! ICE gives secure access to employees while they are at the beach or in the mountains.

By applying ICE in these and other challenging situations, you can bolster business continuity round-the-clock, meet federal and government mandates for contingencies and continuity of operations (COOP) compliance, and – most important of all – deliver uninterrupted service to your customers.

We always hope that disaster will never strike, but when it does, the solution is simple: put ICE on it, and keep going!

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