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BYOD Application Security | Five Benefits of BYOD Container Security

With an increasing number of working professionals using at least one personal device for work, BYOD is a phenomenon that IT security managers cannot afford to ignore. With potential benefits of increased employee productivity, cost savings, and higher employee morale, more than 44% of North America's SmartPhone sales in the first quarter of 2013 were used in BYOD (as reported in a study by Strategy Analytics).

However, along with these benefits come the organizational challenges and threats such as loss of devices, scalability, software bugs, use of cloud-based storage services, and moreover, the danger of lack of security.

Given that implementing a BYOD policy is not going to remain an option much longer, here are five reasons why you use a security container:

1. It protects against malware
Many apps installed on a device are programmed to collect data without requesting the owner's permission. There has been a steady increase in malware specifically targeted to Google Android and iOS devices. A BYOD container that is managed by IT and separates work apps from personal apps ensures that malware downloaded by the user will not affect your company.

2. It enables secure remote access
Mobility is integral to our way of life today, and not just in our personal lives, but also in the way we work. Your staff may often be using wireless networks at airports, coffee shops and other public spaces, in addition to their home and office environment. Your BYOD container will ensure that only secure VPN or WiFi connections are used with corporate apps in the container.

3. It separates corporate apps from personal apps
There is a thin line between apps and networks used at an enterprise level and those used at a personal one; it is important to secure the data accessed on both levels. Make sure your company is set up with a corporate VPN which will facilitate workspace integration as well as prevent personal apps from accessing enterprise connections.

4. It protects corporate data if the smart device is lost or stolen
This is the biggest risk facing companies which follow a BYOD policy today. Unsecured devices, once lost or stolen, are sources of valuable and confidential information which can be accessed in a matter of minutes. Containerizing business data on the device helps companies to selectively wipe out corporate data while preserving the user's private information if required.

5. It protects against jailbreaking and rooting
Employees today are technically savvy enough to jailbreak or root their device firmware. With just a few clicks, any limitations imposed on the device are removed, also threatening the corporate security of these devices. A BYOD container constantly monitors for device tampering and will shut down access to data and the enterprise if detected.

While the potential risks posed by a BYOD policy in your organization are high, the benefits are definitely worth it. Hence, it is essential to have in place a fool-proof security container that will protect corporate data and access while maintaining the personal interface that employees desire.

Pulse Secure provides a one-stop shop for enterprises by enabling a secure VPN connection, holistic implementation of BYOD policies as well as creating a user-friendly container for all users.

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