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BYOD Done Right, PWS with SSO


BYOD Done Right!

By this point, we all know what BYOD is and why its important.  The problem has always been getting the right solution and getting that solution deployed to employees easily, seamlessly and quickly. Employees rejected the invasion of privacy found in GPS location of a personal device. Employees questioned if their messages and content were being viewed, monitored, accessible by admins or stored remotely in any fashion. Employees didn't want to take 10 minutes out of their busy days, just to give IT access to their personal device. The resistance was there.  Reluctance to enroll and in some cases circumvention of IT policies.  Even when a good BYOD solution was produced, it was never easy to setup and deploy.  No longer!

With Pulse Workspace (PWS), every concern, issue or roadblock has been removed.

  1. Easy to setup - The admin can be up and running in a 1 to 2 hours, not days!
  2. Easy to deploy - With SAML based SSO, all users can quickly and easily enroll with only their corporate credentials!
  3. Enterprise data secured end-to-end - From data in motion, to data at rest, all enterprise data is secured and always remains within reach of the Admin.
  4. End-user privacy - As always, PWS respects the end users privacy.  Admins cant access or see any personal data or personal activities.


What has been changed to make PWS a truly perfect fit for BYOD?

  1. Updates by Google to the Android for Work infrastructure - The newest release of AfW takes seconds to setup.
  2. Full SSO integration for device provisioning - End-users simply need to input their corporate credentials to enroll.


The following video will walk through AfW setup, SAML based SSO setup and Email Discovery for end-user provisioning.