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Can you always find what you need in the cloud?

The transition to the use of cloud infrastructure has been revolutionary for IT Depts everywhere and driving this revolution has been the advent of Public Cloud Providers like AWS, Azure, and Google.

These large Providers offer great core services, but all have acknowledged that organizations want to have a choice of products and solutions to build their own stacks. That may be to help them replicate their current Data Center infrastructure in a public cloud or to utilize born in the cloud products that will enhance functionality or give some other edge to the business.

The Cloud Shop Window

The development of Marketplaces on the public clouds means that organizations can shop around and find what they need. Or can they? The analogy I use for these Marketplaces is that they are a shop window for our products, but with a background in retailing and merchandising, I know that there is a lot more to it than that.

Merchandizing for The Cloud

At Pulse Secure, we spend a lot of time making sure that our solutions are published on as many clouds as we can and then we ’merchandize’ them. Search terms, product descriptions and categorization all play a part in making it as easy as possible to discover our solutions. Mashing together old retail techniques of product merchandising with cloud infrastructure is a fascinating collision of the old world and the new. It’s like talking to every single retailer in every single Mall to make sure our customers can find us and then making sure that you are in every window display or in every department.

Choice and Portability

Because you don’t want to have to shop in the same store every time, you need to be sure that you can buy the same solution whenever and wherever you need to. You can design once, and can build that software stack in any cloud you choose and move it whenever and wherever you like. There is no Cloud lock-in so that you can enable hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies - and all because we got the merchandising right.

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