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How to Choose the Right Mobile Security Solution for Your Organization

Mobile security solutions provide a range of features designed to give users an easy ride when accessing network resources. They also make it easy for IT teams to ensure seamless configuration, visibility and management of employee mobile devices on the corporate network. But with so many mobile security solutions in the marketplace today, how do you go about selecting the best one for your organization?

At Pulse Secure, we offer an extensive suite of management products that give you granular control over your security policies, a seamless connectivity experience and a scalable solution for cloud and data center access. In this article, we break down the many considerations that come into play when choosing the right mobile security solution.

Expectations within Your OrganizationEven before you start assessing the technical merits of a solution, you need to consider the corporate expectations of a BYOD program within your organization. Corporate expectations may be a lot different to user expectations. For example, users may expect to be granted access to personal apps such as Facebook and Twitter, whereas the organization may have different ideas. The mobile security platform you choose needs to be able to support corporate expectations while also providing users with the apps they need. For example, the Sales team may need social media platforms for their daily activities. You may indeed want to allow personal apps as part of your policy, or at the very least, a solution that allows you to set policies for different users and groups.

It is also important that the solution you choose is a help for users and not a hindrance. This also means that ongoing management and user support is simple, fast and streamlined.

Demo or Trial PeriodEven if you already have a mobile and remote access solution in place, and are comfortable with the fundamentals of this type of solution, a demo or trial is a must. No matter how good the sales blurb may be, or how clear the technical aspects of a product, it is important that you get a feel for how that solution will work within your own organization.

Device SupportWith so many different devices in the marketplace today, it is important that the BYOD solution you choose supports multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. Choose a BYOD solution that is compatible with the hardware platforms and operating systems you have selected to allow within your network. For example, if you are going to allow mobile phones in your network, look for a solution that at least supports iOS and Android.

Security ManagementSecurity management in a mobile security solution encompasses a wide number of areas including device security, encryption, passwords and authentication. You may already have acceptable use policies and other security standards in place, and so you may want to let these drive your BYOD program. With this in mind, choose a solution that offers integration with other back office technologies such as Active Directory and Citrix.

Inventory ManagementOnce you have rolled out your mobile security solution and BYOD program, you will of course want to know how that solution is being used, what devices are accessing your network, and when. This will help you to get a good idea of the types of devices you are supporting and whether you need to scale your solution. It also allows you to detect any potential risks that you may have overlooked.

Software DistributionThe problem with many remote access and mobile security solutions is that they are cumbersome and resource intensive when it comes to pushing out patches, updating clients or configuring devices with the latest security requirements. When choosing a solution, pay attention to the management and also the reporting features available, especially if you are required to meet any particular compliance initiatives within your organization.

Policy ManagementPolicy management gives you total control over who has access to remote resources and the devices they can use to connect. Look for a solution that gives you advanced granularity over security policies, and which allows you to set controls on a per user, network, location, app, and device basis.

Hosted vs. OnsiteMany mobile security solutions in the marketplace today also provide software as a service (SaaS) options, and this can be very beneficial for the organization looking to reduce hardware and support costs. The only cost for the organization to pick up is the cost of user licenses. However, it is also important to understand how a cloud-based solution works, and the level of control you have over configuration and scalability.

Pulse Secure Offers the Complete Mobile Security Solution - Request Your Demo Today
At Pulse Secure, we understand the many considerations that go into choosing mobile and remote access solutions today. That is why we have developed a comprehensive suite of solutions that give you total control over enterprise mobility within your organization. We give you the freedom to choose the solutions that suit your needs as a business, and which can help you become more productive without any compromise to network security or data.

Pulse Connect Secure offers a robust and scalable SSL VPN solution, enhanced for BYOD mobility, and provides seamless connectivity. Combined with Pulse Policy Secure, IT teams are able to secure SSL VPN access based on granular security policies that can be set against a wide range of attributes including per user, device and network. For the enterprise looking for a complete mobile security solution in one, Pulse One gives you total control of your cloud-based and data center access from a single console, and incorporates centralized policy and device management, role-based access, SaaS deployment and back office API integration.

Call 844-807-8573 today and speak to a Pulse Secure representative for more details. Request a free demo to see how our mobility security solutions can help ensure your BYOD and remote access initiatives are secure, easy to manage, and most of all, beneficial to your business.