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Closer Collaboration in the Cloud with Pulse vADC


Community Collaboration

Last month, I wrote about the power of communities, and how focusing on user experience can help to attract and grow your community. However, innovation cannot happen without insight, and the process of building smarter applications needs feedback and collaboration with all stakeholders.

For example, here at Pulse Secure, we use tools such as Atlassian Jira for managing our team workflow and sharing feedback, and Atlassian Confluence for sharing documentation and designs between teams. With a shared, open workspace for collaboration, and a common platform for tracking tasks and change requests, our team can be much more responsive and focused on building and innovating on our product strategy.

So while we are proud users of Atlassian collaboration tools, we are also delighted to be able to have worked with the Atlassian team as they transform their software as a service (SaaS) offering seamlessly to the cloud, helping to reducing management complexity and aiding in critical troubleshooting activities.


Atlassian, The Leader in Collaboration Software

Millions of global users take advantage of Atlassian’s project tracking, content creation and sharing, and service management products to work better together and deliver quality results on time. From medicine and space travel, to disaster response and pizza deliveries, Atlassian products help teams all over the planet reach their goals through the power of software.

Atlassian was already using Pulse vADC software as the primary edge connection for their original SaaS offering, helping IP traffic management and scalable performance – so it was the natural choice to support their move to a global platform using the Amazon AWS cloud.


Supporting your Journey to the Cloud

Every application is different – and many extra tools are needed as you move an application to the cloud, for automation, monitoring, scaling and security. Rather than having to integrate multiple tools for separate functions, Pulse Secure vADC offers a single platform designed to integrate seamlessly with any application deployed on Amazon Web Services.

Automation tools are a critical capability to reduce the complexity of cloud deployment, and Pulse vADC supports a range of options, including support for Terraform, an open source tool for describing and automating the provisioning and configuration of application services. Automation with these kinds of tools means that a team can build out new application clusters up to 10x faster than before – and it is easy to spin up test clusters quickly and experiment with new capabilities.

And whether you are running business-critical customer applications in the cloud, or in your own data center, you need a flexible deployment model that helps you scale up or down to meet changes in both development and in production. Pulse Services Director gives you complete flexibility on the platform and the resources you need, or you can deploy direct from your cloud marketplace as part of your cloud strategy.

With a combination of cutting-edge technology and processes, Atlassian is moving towards a more DevOps-focused culture, and tools that support open standards and transparency are a key part of their journey to the cloud. To find out how Pulse Secure worked together with Atlassian to deliver their world-class collaboration platform, download the case study here.

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