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Cloud Computing is the Norm

Cloud computing is the norm. According to IDG, 90% of organizations either have apps running in the cloud or plan to within the next three years. Cloud deployment models include private (62%), public (60%), and hybrid (26%). But even that doesn’t tell the full story, since organizations frequently use multiple clouds within their deployments. With applications in data centers, private clouds, and one or more public clouds, it can be challenging to ensure superior performance for customers or staff on a global scale.

Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) are frequently employed to optimize performance. But ADCs were originally built on and for hardware. Even when ADC providers create software products, they tend to be based in a large degree on legacy hardware versions. They are adapted for a virtualized cloud environment rather than being born in it. Such adaptations rarely work flawlessly due to the design constraints of hardware appliances.

In contrast, Pulse Secure’s Virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC) solution was designed and developed as a pure software product. Consequently, it has greater fluency in virtualized and cloud environments than other ADCs.

For example, in a hybrid scenario, Pulse Secure’s vADC looks and functions the same, regardless of where it is deployed. Whereas AWS and Google function slightly different as cloud environments, vADC handles the unique network aspects of each cloud transparently, enhancing administration, management, usability, and performance. The same is true for applications located in data centers or private clouds. In all cases, Pulse Secure’s vADC effortlessly optimizes application performance.


Such flexibility in the cloud is increasingly critical as organizations go global. For instance, suppose an organization has tens of thousands of users accessing their website simultaneously from around the world. In this scenario, where users are routed makes a difference in website performance – and in the customer experience. The vADC ensures that users are directed to applications housed in the public cloud, private cloud, or physical data center located nearest to them, whether that is in Shanghai, New York, London, etc. By guaranteeing geo-proximity, the user experience is maximized with excellent response time, availability, and reliability - maximizing business productivity on the vADC highway. 

But the vADC solution not only supports flexibility in application deployment: it also offers flexibility in licensing.

In a traditional licensing model, an ADC instance is spun up on a virtual appliance or virtual machine – in the cloud or in a data center – and that instance needs to have a license associated with it. But instances tend to multiply; therefore, licenses multiply as well. Having dozens, hundreds, or thousands of instances, users, and licenses is not far-fetched – it is common. And complex. And costly.

In order to help organizations migrate to the cloud as smoothly as possible, Pulse Secure offers Cloud Marketplaces and Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) a wide range of flexible licensing options to accommodate multi-cloud infrastructures allowing organizations to manage their ADCs the way they want to.

Finally, Pulse Secure’s vADC has security baked into the solution with proactive Layer 7 security that protects applications. Plus, it gives systems administrators the option to configure various additional types of constraints (e.g., limit connections, blacklist IP addresses) in order to customize security for their needs.

Organizations can also choose to take advantage of Pulse Secure’s vADC Web Application Firewall (WAF), which is designed to protect applications against attacks that come via normal web traffic, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting. Applications are typically coded for functionality, not security, and the WAF prevents any vulnerabilities the application may have from being exploited by examining requests before they reach the application itself. Suspicious requests are blocked and logged for further investigation.

The net result is that you – and your customers or staff – will experience cloud applications like you have never seen them before: optimized, cost-effective, and secure … all wrapped up in a package that makes everything easy!

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