Cloud Secure Capabilities


Emerging technologies like mobile and cloud are defining the next chapter of IT strategy, Hybrid IT, where enterprise are combining the best of the cloud with their own localized data centers. Pulse Cloud Secure is designed to securely provide workers anytime access to Hybrid IT environments. Out of the box features, like single sign-on (SSO), eliminate workers need for multiple passwords and provide automatic access to applications and services they need. In addition, Cloud Secure inter-operates with third party identity and access management (IAM) vendors for added service flexibility. Meanwhile, industry compliance is ensured by Pulse Secure’s host-checking capabilities that assess the status and health of he user’s devices. Pulse Workspace also ensures that mobile workers store apps and data in a secure container under enterprise control. The dawn of Hybrid IT is here. Get ready for it with Pulse Cloud Secure - the first industry solution that combines user authentication and device compliance for secure access to the data center and cloud.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Cloud Secure provides industry standard SAML 2.0 based SSO and supports Kerberos Constrained Delegation and NT LAN Manager to connect to legacy applications in the data center.

Compliance for the Cloud

Using Pulse Secure host checking technologies, Cloud Secure verifies compliance of laptops, iOS and Android devices to ensure that only authorized users with trusted devices have cloud and data center access.


Cloud Secure integrates with leading EMM solutions for compliance enforcement and can use Pulse Workspace for BYOD container security.

Centralized Management

The Pulse One platform enables centralized management of policy, compliance and authorization for SaaS, cloud and data center access.

Extensible Identity Management

Pulse Connect Secure can serve as a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) and as a SAML Service Provider (SP) enabling easy integration with third party identity management providers.

Scalable Connectivity

Cloud Secure eliminates data center hairpinning by only sending authorization and compliance checks to Pulse Connect Secure and sending application data directly to the cloud.


A single platform for cloud and VPN that provides end-to-end management and compliance enforcement.


Laptop and mobile device compliance and authentication for both data center applications and cloud services.


User productivity boosted by existing data center applications, new cloud services and the use of any mobile device.