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When It Comes to Access, Security, and Visibility, Is Your Head in the Clouds?

Today’s massive migration to the cloud is no surprise. Traditional data center models are more expensive, less flexible, and less scalable than the cloud – all challenges you can’t afford if you want to remain competitive. But as data, applications, and workflows move to the cloud, there are obstacles to overcome before the unquestionable benefits of the cloud can be reaped. Three of the biggest obstacles are access, security, and visibility.


From an enterprise perspective, you need applications and data to be available no matter where they reside (on-premise, in the cloud, or in multiple clouds) and no matter how they are accessed (computer, laptop, or mobile device). To complicate matters, this accessibility needs to happen in the most efficient manner possible. For example, data may go from a consumer’s mobile phone to a corporate website to a back-end application where it is processed and the output is sent to a third-party vendor for further action. You will need to perform load balancing at each stage to provide high-availability access and productivity around the world.


Ensuring instant access raises the issue of security. A common mistake that companies make is assuming that the same set of environmental protections they had on premise is automatically present in the cloud. However, in the cloud, you are storing data on instances that you don’t necessarily own. You may be sharing instances with other entities. Consequently, you need to take steps to encrypt data, whether it is in motion or at rest, and whether it is being produced or acted upon by consumers, contractors, partners, or employees.


When considering access and security, a key question to ask is, “Who is allowed access to what types of data?” Visibility and analytics reporting of data, applications, and users is critical to understand user roles and user behavior in such a way that the information will aid IT administrators in determining how and by whom data should be acted upon or consumed.

Pulse Secure’s best in class end-to-end Secure Access solution addresses these needs. The solution

  • Delivers secure access for enterprise applications and consumer-facing web applications
  • Protects data and applications on-premise or in the cloud
  • Provides local and global load balancing to ensure access in a secure and fast manner
  • Incorporates role-based access control
  • Enables single sign-on capability to ensure a frictionless user experience
  • Simplifies administration through centrally-managed access policies

Best of all, Pulse Secure’s latest vADC solution can be implemented wherever you are on your cloud journey: whether you are completely in the cloud, using a hybrid solution, or in the process of migrating key applications and data.

Cloud is here to stay. And with Pulse Secure's Secure Access solutions supporting your applications and data, you can stay firmly grounded with comprehensive access, security, and visibility.

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