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Compliance and Access and Trust, Oh My!

The pile of equipment marked "RSA - TCG" in my lab is growing steadily - tablets, laptops, policy servers, firewalls, Ethernet cables, console cables, power supplies, a wireless bridge…  This can only mean one thing: Pulse Secure is continuing our long tradition of demonstrating our secure access solutions at the Trusted Computing Group's RSA pre-conference Seminar and Demonstration Showcase on Monday, February 29th.

We have plenty of experience under our belts as 2016 will be the eighth year that Pulse Secure products are featured in the TCG RSA demo showcase!  This year, our demos focus on two key challenges faced by enterprises today: simplifying secure access and intelligent endpoint compliance.  We'll show how Pulse Secure's standards-based technologies offer seamless, flexible, interoperable solutions to these challenges.

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is an international industry standards group focused on developing open standards for establishing trust and ensuring security for networks, endpoints, and software.  My Pulse Secure colleagues and I have been leading development of end-to-end trust standards for network access control, endpoint compliance, and security automation in TCG's Trusted Network Communications (TNC) workgroup for almost a decade. And we don’t just develop these standards, we also use them - TCG standards expand the capabilities of our own products and provide cross-vendor interoperability, helping to protect hundreds of thousands of endpoints around the world.

The TCG Seminar and Demonstration Showcase are open to any participant with an RSA badge, including Expo Passes.  Pulse Secure is offering complimentary expo registration passes using the Registration Code XEPULSE16.  Come by the Moscone Center West, Level 2, Rooms 2006-2008 on Monday, February 29th from 8:30am-12:30pm, and check us out!