As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact communities and business around the world, an unprecedented number of customers and organizations are turning to Pulse Secure for Secure Access solutions to enable their work-from-home initiatives in order to ensure the safety and productivity of their employees and to maintain ongoing operations throughout this evolving health crisis.

Several weeks ago, we launched our Pulse Cares program which offers organizations – current customers or not -  expedited and flexible licensing and world class implementation support of Pulse Connect Secure to streamline remote access protection to the applications and information required for business continuity.

With anticipated increased travel and work restrictions, we will be here to partner with you and continue to provide support, guidance, solutions, and other efforts to help organizations meet their emergency response needs.

Of course, the welfare of Pulse Secure employees, their families and our business operations are equally top of mind for us. We will continue to take precautions and actions to keep our teams safe and systems resilient.



Pulse Secure Employee Travel Restrictions and Work-From-Home Advisories

  • Global travel restrictions. We have suspended non-essential business travel around the world, both domestic and international.
  • Extended work-from-home policies. We are encouraging all employees in higher risk areas to work from home.  Our Pulse Secure Crisis Management Team is monitoring the situation daily. We will adjust the scope of this guidance and consider expansions in other high-risk areas, as necessary.
  • Leveraging our technology in work-from-home scenarios. Pulse Secure is by design a geographically distributed company and we use our own technology daily to run our operations.  The increased need for any of our employees (engineering, customer support, sales, finance, marketing and HR) to work from home or different sites has had no impact on their ability to work while remaining safe and connected – Secure Access is in our DNA.
  • Reorganizing of events. With the well-being of our employees, customers and partners as a top priority, we are making changes to our scheduled events.  While many events are being postponed, where possible, we will look to virtualize some events allowing us to stay engaged.


Pulse Secure Customer Support, Supply Chain, and Service Logistics Operations

Customers have inquired about actions Pulse Secure has taken to ensure we can continue to be responsive to their immediate needs. Pulse Secure’s Customer Support, Supply Chain and Service Logistics teams are working tirelessly 24/7 to maintain service levels as close to normal as possible.

For the latest technical support related updates, customers should visit KB4433.

Customer Support

  • We are experiencing an increase in volume of calls and case submissions thus hold times may be longer than usual. We are recommending Customers submit cases via our web portal.
  • We have added additional Customer Care and Level-1 engineers to alleviate the increase in volume and we have added additional weekend shifts in highly impacted areas. In addition, we are working with other teams, such as engineering, to help with the increased load.
  • We have ensured the ability to efficiently route calls to agents in any location necessary, including those working from home.
  • Please contact our Customer Support should you require assistance.


Licensing Response, Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain

  • Through our Pulse Cares program, we have enhanced sales and support services for customers and non-customers to enable expedited and flexible licensing and deployment.
    • For more rapid implementation, organizations can take advantage of Pulse Connect Secure being available for virtual and Azure and Amazon Cloud environments.
    • Existing Pulse Connect Secure customers seeking immediate, temporary increased capacity and license shifting options should explore our In Case of Emergency (ICE) add-on.
  • Although we have experienced a significant increase in demand, we have been able to maintain our standard lead times and we are making every effort to continue to do so.
  • We are working with all downstream suppliers to obtain and position inventory in our manufacturing facilities.
  • We have and will continue to add shifts in manufacturing operations to build appliances to meet the spike in demand. For more timely delivery and implementation, we are suggesting organizations consider virtual and cloud deployment where possible.
  • We have added staff and are working over-time in our Order Management and Direct Order Fulfillment functions, and where possible, we are expediting shipments.
  • We continue to monitor the health and safety of our manufacturing facilities. We will make decisions and communicate accordingly should operations be impacted.


Service Logistics (Post Sales- RMAs)

  • At present, Service Operations and Logistics has been able to remain operational in all areas of the world. If specific Service locations are impacted, Service Operations and Logistics contingency plans are in place to service deliveries from the closest alternate location when possible. End Users in these specific isolated situations will be informed.
  • We are maintaining and assessing the global inventory and making recommendations on material moves to increase seed stock in areas where applicable. For more immediate capacity, we suggest organizations consider virtual or cloud implementation and expansion.
  • We are preparing for the inability of material to be replenished into various regions in the case of a shutdown and we are increasing inventory in closest locations to impacted areas.
  • Our depot networks are set up with redundancy of depots and material in all regions so that a Distribution Center can carry the local forward stocking locations.
  • We continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and are working closely with our global partner networks and Command Centers to assess any in-region developments that might impact our service operations and deliveries.


Pulse Secure Business Continuity Update as of March 15, 2020 - Pulse Secure reserves the right to amend this information at any time without notice.