Customer Success Stories
Colorcon Increases User Productivity and Improves Application Performance
Colorcon provides a wide range of film coatings, modified release technologies, and excipients used by pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement companies in the development of cost-effective, high quality products.
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East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust upgrades to secure access with Pulse Secure and reduces costs and complexity
In common with many healthcare providers, the growing use of software based administrative and clinical systems have increased the demand for more flexible secure access technologies to improve productivity while protecting sensitive medical data.
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TDIC Meets Regular Security Auditing Guidelines While Increasing Productivity
TDIC has successfully used Pulse Connect Secure appliances and software for its SSL VPN access but wanted to take a deeper look at all the available options. “We looked at the market and there was a number of point solutions that addressed some of our requirements,” says Mr Khalil, “However, in our evaluation it was only Pulse Secure that had a fully integrated solution for both SSL and NAC, offering us the flexibility to design policies and processes that met all of our needs while providing a single management console to reduce many complex management requirements.”
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Experts in access and auth love Pulse Secure's reliability and fresh thinking

A fascinating insight into how access control and authentication consultants Network Utilities have delivered Secure Access for the next generation to their customer base.
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From mobile access to regulatory compliance, Integration Partners relies on Pulse Secure
Learn how this leading network services company not only use Pulse Secure themselves to enable Secure Access for the next generation of their workers, but also for their wide range of clients in the realms of healthcare, web services, finance and education.
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Haymarket have switched on Secure Access for their workers globally with Pulse Secure
Haymarket Media - global leader in specialist media have deployed Pulse Secure to enable Secure Access for the next generation for all of their workers no matter where they are in the world or which device they choose.
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Leading information security consultancy using and deploying Pulse Secure
Hear about how middle eastern based Help AG are not only using Pulse Secure solutions themselves for their thriving consultancy business, but are also ensuring their big name clients are ready for the next generation by recommending and deploying Pulse Secure.
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Borgess Health Offers Remote Network Access to Doctors While Keeping Patient Records Secure
With the introduction of the Pulse Secure SSL VPN, Borgess had the capability to extend remote access to 1,200 employees, not just medical staff, and enabled 50 employees to work 100 percent remotely.
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Baloise Insurance Builds Secure and Flexible Network Infrastructure to Support Business Transformation
The focus for Baloise in the short to medium term is to stabilize its organization and network infrastructure. Many changes have occurred over recent years, and it is important for the organization to take stock and ensure its readiness for further expansion. Baloise looks to its technology partners, SecureLink, Juniper Networks and Pulse Secure to advise it on innovation and better ways of working with the technology as its business evolves.
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 Juniper Networks-on-Pulse: Work Anywhere, Anytime and from Any Device 
BYOD usage has risen since implementing Unified Access Control, which has resulted in greater employee satisfaction, but these kinds of standards-based integrations have another important function. Using Pulse Secure and third-party solutions for in-house deployment on Juniper’s own production network allows for best practices and feedback to be incorporated into the Pulse Secure product development and support processes.
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Pulse Secure Brings Convenience, Security to 7-Eleven’s In-Store Network
Thousands of 7-Eleven’s employees use Pulse Secure Clients for secure remote access to key applications such as e-mail, finance, and ERP, from any standard Web browser. Pulse Secure Appliances deliver best-in-class performance, scalability, and redundancy for secure remote access and authorization.
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VirtualArmor Leverages Pulse Secure Products for Always-On, Secure Network Access
VirtualArmor has been using Pulse Secure technology for close to a decade to manage its secure network access. It is technology that Pulse Secure has continually improved upon as digital demands evolve, and VirtualArmor’s network has been continually protected.
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