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We all live in a dynamic IT security world - a world in which as soon as a product or technology is released the search for exploits begins. There are many motivations behind computer hackers, but nobody denies that multiple groups are actively targeting business networks - and that the motivations are more than financial gain, including:

  • Capturing credit card numbers
  • Capturing customer details
  • Intellectual property and company secrets
  • Malicious damage
  • Gain through manipulating financial systems

We won't re-hash some of the common well known company hacks - suffice to say that major damage has been done leading to millions of dollars of loss.

Many of these attacks occur by hackers exploiting well known exploits - as an example, the following link displays all known exploits and vulnerabilities in the extremely popular OpenSSL protocol -  Many other vulnerabilities are published by organizations such as the United States Computer Emergency Response Team (US-Cert).

Luckily, Pulse Secure works with worldwide organizations to quickly identify and patch known security vulnerabilities - and many of these are fixed and patched before becoming public.

To deliver true security to your organization, the decision is clear - always be on the latest version of all Pulse Secure Products - take the time to be up to date. Don't let hackers attack your organization with well known vulnerabilities that Pulse has already resolved in newer software versions.