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My first day as CEO of Pulse Secure

It has been a fascinating journey of almost 25 years. I've had the good fortune of working at many great organizations over the course of my career – spanning multiple decades with industry giants like Citrix, Polycom, Motorola and 3Com. Now, as I embark on a new chapter, I’m proud to say that I have taken over as the new CEO and board member with Pulse Secure.

Let me start out my first blog post by saying how thrilled I am at the opportunity to work with such a successful group of industry veterans who are building a THRIVING company. Over the course of my career, I am most proud of the teams we’ve been able to collectively build and work with. Every business will have its ups and downs, but working together to deliver customer value and therefore building company value is what motivates me. Continuing to build cohesive, collaborative teams at Pulse Secure is a goal that is easily attainable. Great “things” happen through people and that is what will drive performance within any organization – especially this one.

I am a software engineer by trade and have had the good fortune of working with multiple technologies and have been a part of multiple trends. I hope to bring my collective experience and complement and supplement it with the already rich set of capabilities at Pulse Secure. Not only does Pulse Secure possess the deep industry knowledge that is critical to have while working in the mobile and enterprise security space, but the team is full of forward-thinking engineers, sales executives, strategists and marketers who are focused on solving the greatest enterprise security challenges brought on by the rapidly changing nature of BYOD and the Internet of Things.

The Pulse Secure product line is truly best-in-class. In fact, recently, Pulse Secure was honored by InfoSec awards in three separate categories: BYOD, NAC and SSL/VPN. That doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because Pulse Secure services more than 20,000 enterprises, protects more than 18 million endpoints and owns more than 200 unique patents. Those are results that truly can’t be matched. And it is just the beginning.

I am as eager as I’ve ever been to start this exciting journey – one that the company I am joining is already well on and is prospering. This certainly won’t be the last you hear from me – I plan to share my experiences with customers, takeaways from key industry events, thoughts on the evolving security landscape and insights from Pulse Secure right here on this blog.

I will close by reiterating a statement that I made yesterday when addressing my peers: Simply put, security is about enabling access and NOT about enforcing control. This is a very important concept as we always want security but it shouldn’t come as a pain point when attempting to access critical applications or data. User experience and design is so important in this space and that is what will differentiate Pulse Secure from the vendors who are not keeping the end user front and center in this design and innovation efforts. At Pulse Secure we’re laser focused on securing your enterprise today and have the portfolio in place to anticipate “what’s next” in a drastically changing, yet exciting, landscape.