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GDPR Compliance with Pulse Secure

By now, most people have been made aware of GDPR, be it through a flood of privacy updates in their inbox, or by other means. GDPR was a major regulatory change made by the EU as an effort to protect user’s personal data from being misused. But the implications of GDPR extend further than some realize.  The regulation requires companies to put safeguards in place for personal data of their own employees. This can be challenging, to say the least. Especially in today’s workforce where the lines between personal and corporate activities are blurred through the double use of electronic devices, be it laptops or mobile phones.

What Pulse Secure offers is a suite of security features that allow IT Administrators the ability to better protect and audit both access to, and collection of personal data that may be subject to GDPR regulations. With the use of Pulse Connect Secure, Pulse Policy Secure and Pulse Workspace, you can ensure your organization reduces the risks and remains compliant with GDPR guidelines. Visit our GDPR Compliance page.

We have published two key documents that help you understand what GDPR is, how it affects your company and how we, Pulse Secure, can enable you to remain in compliance with GDPR.

First, we have the GDPR Solution Brief that outlines what GDPR is and how it alters the data collection and access landscape. Second, we have the GDPR Tech Brief that outlines exactly how Pulse Secure can help support your company in its path to GDPR compliance.

For more information, please visit or reach out to your sales associate.