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The HP Split: Getting it right out of the gate

The Hewlett-Packard split has been in the news a lot lately, especially since it was originally announced last October. It’s never an easy decision to take a new risk, and venture out on your own – but at Pulse Secure, we know the reasons behind such a move, having spun-off from Juniper Networks late last year.

Now that the date of the HP split has been released, we thought it might be interesting to share some of our own insights and best practices. We certainly won’t proclaim to know specifics about HP, but we do have first-hand knowledge of what should be done starting immediately following the split. The following are a few best practices that will go a long way in terms of a successful first year as a new company.

Get the products right
As a newly spun-off or split company, one of the main areas of focus should be getting the product right. After all that is what will make or break a company. So, spend some real dedicated time with the engineering team and ensure that what is being brought to market is valuable and meets the needs of current customers and future buyers.

Build up and spend time on sales force and the channel
In a recent post by Pulse Secure’s Doug Erickson, the company’s VP of worldwide channel sales, Doug highlighted the importance of building up a strong sales and partner team, and that it starts with world class people. In order for both HP Enterprise and HP Inc. to hit the ground running at full speed on day one, they need to put time and resources into hiring the right people and partnering with the best partners and distributors.

Customer and partner assurance
Before, during and after the split or spin-off takes place, keep open communication with customers, partners and shareholders. Assure them that this change is good and the split is a solution for the company to take the next step in segmenting out its offerings. Paying special care and attention to these key publics is critical.

During our first year as a company, Pulse Secure has reached some incredible milestones. These include new product launches, notable award wins, involvement and increased awareness at RSA Conference, and our recently launched partner program: Pulse Secure Connect Now. Through it all, nothing is more important than our customer and partners, and the continued success we have together.

In closing, we wish HP the best as it begins the journey as HP Enterprise and HP Inc. and look forward to seeing the outcome of the split and the public’s response.