Secure Access Checklist for Hybrid IT

Shaping the Delivery of Secure Access for Hybrid IT

The rise of cloud computing and hybrid IT environments. The traditional data center-based application environment is morphing rapidly into a blended enterprise, cloud and cloud service environment. In this new world, IT resources can take the form of an enterprise’s own private cloud or of third-party public clouds, including Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. For many organizations, multi-cloud has become the new normal. While it would be nice to believe that the cloud is intrinsically secure, it’s not that simple. The primary product offering of cloud providers such as Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is space, processing power and bandwidth – not security. To ensure appropriate and protected connectivity to applications and information, businesses need Secure Access solutions that can support a hybrid IT implementation.

Use of multiple security silos for enterprise access. Hybrid IT environments contribute heavily to the fourth trend as IT extends existing data center security policies to cover IaaS and SaaS situations. Unfortunately, the use of point solutions to address access security within different computing environments frequently leaves gaps, limits visibility and yields inconsistent policies. This also often results in a complex and frustrating user experience. In a 2017 report by ESG, 66% of cybersecurity and IT professionals agreed or strongly agreed that security analytics and operations effectiveness is limited because it is based upon multiple independent point tools.

Requirements - End-to-end hybrid IT security

The increase in cyberattacks coupled with the move to hybrid IT environments means that a Secure Access solution must offer end-to-end hybrid IT security. Such a solution should combine SSO authentication with role-based and device compliant authorized access to applications, whether the applications are hosted in enterprise data centers, private clouds, or public clouds, or are delivered as SaaS. The solution needs to provide user, device and application visibility across the hybrid IT environment, as well as ensure enterprise-wide compliance, reporting and mitigation of security issues.

Secure Access Solution - End-to-end hybrid IT security

The Pulse Secure solution is an easy to deploy and use system that provides 360-degree visibility with security enforcement to control managed, unknown and IoT devices connecting locally or remotely to the data center or cloud. With a comprehensive and dynamic view of users and devices, IT can enforce granular policies to ensure compliance with industry regulations and corporate policies regardless of user, device or application location.