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Just released - Pulse Connect Secure 8.2R5 and Pulse Policy Secure 5.3R5 with Profiler 1.1

We are so excited to be announcing two more great releases of our industry leading secure access solutions.

Pulse Connect Secure 8.2R5 released including:

  • Google Authenticator Support
  • Always-on VPN enforcement
  • IPv6 Mode for AAA and ESP Mode
  • EAP-TLS authentication with IKEv2
  • Firefox support improvements
  • Single Sign-on for Office 365
  • Secure Sign-on for Android, Windows and OSX

Pulse Policy Secure 5.3R5 released including:

  • Pulse Secure Profiler v1.1
  • Endpoint Compliance Enhancements
  • Hyper-V support

Big news as the latest releases of Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure continue to meet the evolving needs of the mobile enterprise and digital workforce. Balancing the need for network and application access with security and regulatory requirements is key for IT administrators, and Pulse Secure is ready.

For Pulse Connect Secure, IT administrators now can enhance their workforce’s access experience on the go with a secure sign-on to both native and web apps, like Office 365, across iOS, Android, Windows and OSX platforms. Meanwhile, they will also have additional secure management capabilities such as ‘Always-on VPN’, Pulse Application Launcher for those insecure Java and ActiveX environments, and multi-factor authentication like Google Authenticator.

For Pulse Policy Secure, IT administrators now have a single pane of glass for endpoint visibility and policy management with Pulse Secure Profiler. As more IP-enabled smart devices access the enterprise network, from healthcare to manufacturing, our customers now have the choice of Pulse Secure Profiler or Great Bay Beacon to address their endpoint visibility needs. Both offer the ability to classify and control any (managed and unmanaged) endpoint that accesses the enterprise network. Additionally, the industry recognized host checking capabilities of Pulse Policy Secure have also been enhanced.

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