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Microsoft to change default IE behavior regarding outdated ActiveX controls

Enterprise Solution Providers
On September 9, 2014, Microsoft will modify how Internet Explorer handles out-of-date ActiveX controls. If an end-user's ActiveX controls are out of date, it is possible that the user could receive ActiveX-related popup warnings when accessing Pulse resources.

Certain Juniper client components are launched via Java (which itself relies on an ActiveX control) when accessed via a web browser. If Java is out of date, then Java's ActiveX control will also be out-of-date, and this could cause a warning message to appear when accessing Pulse components. To avoid this sitution, make sure that you update your Java to the latest version for all your IE users.

For a complete list of circumstances in which Pulse components are launched via Java, and for which versions of Java are affected, please see the KB article here.