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NAC - Must-Have Features in the Solution You Choose

When assessing the functionality of any NAC solution, it is important to understand the benefits and features that apply specifically to your own enterprise. There are a number of things that a NAC solution must do, and do well, in order to protect your network and data. There should be no compromise on these features when choosing the right solution for your organization.

In our opinion, here are just some of the must-have features your NAC software solution should include:

  • Flexible Network Admission Control - At the very least, you should be looking for a NAC solution that offers layer 2 and layer 3 network admission control for wired and wireless networks. Pulse Policy Secure offers role-based, application level enforcement of your security policies and support for layer 2 - layer 7 network admission control. In addition to controlling mobile devices connecting when on-premises, Policy Secure can also control sessions coming in over your secure VPN.
  • Enable Profiling and Visibility - Security policies must be equipped to control what devices can access the corporate network at any given point, enabling IT to mitigate the risk of advanced persistent threats and malware. User access should be based on policy and identity, limiting worker access to only those resources the user is authorized to access. Chief information security officers (CISOs) trust the proven security and unified policy framework of Pulse Policy Secure. It is centrally managed with a context-aware policy engine that provides user, role, device, location, time, network, and application granularity. This level of profiling capability and visibility within a BYOD environment is invaluable as the IoT (Internet of Things) gathers momentum and will soon be the next big IT challenge.
  • Automatic device onboarding - Look for a NAC solution that provides device automated onboarding when on-premises and when accessing your SSL VPN. Pulse Policy Secure offers both, and ensures a seamless user experience and automated configuration for corporate access.
  • Guest access management - Look for a NAC that offers granular control over guest network access. Pulse Policy Secure allows your guests and visitors to continue working on your premises, to view and share network data and to do so without any compromise to your network.
  • Unified desktop client - Many enterprise mobility solutions require multiple clients for on-premises and VPN access. This can lead to user confusion, configuration issues and ultimately, more support calls. Pulse Policy Secure requires a single desktop client for on-premises (wired and wireless) and off-premises access, helping you to streamline deployment and manage your devices easily.
  • Common Access License (CAL) - Some enterprise mobility solutions require a separate, premium license, or CAL, for NAC and SSL VPN solutions. A Pulse CAL can be used for both Pulse Policy Secure and Pulse Connect Secure, saving you money and streamlining license management.
  • Reporting - Reporting can give you real insight into what is happening across your network, how connections are being made and whether you need to tighten security, or make any adjustments to your policies. Pulse Policy Secure offers reporting functionality that gives you an overview of your entire network.
  • Intuitive GUI - The NAC solution you choose should be simple for your users to understand, but also easy and convenient to configure. The Pulse One offering By Pulse Secure provides an easy-to-deploy and comprehensive solution that unifies virtual private network (VPN), network access control (NAC) and enterprise mobility management (EMM). These functions, to date, have been implemented across diverse silos that increase operational overhead, create risk from error, and obfuscate compliance reporting. Pulse One delivers an IT administrative experience that is powerful, agile yet simple to use. It saves administrative time spent managing VPN and NAC infrastructure by centrally managing policies and appliances. Pulse One provides a dashboard to monitor overall system health and unifies compliance reporting with context-aware visibility of devices and users.
  • Automation capable - Automation and ease of deployment are a big consideration when choosing the right NAC. Automated deployment must be seamless and require little to no configuration by end users. Pulse Policy Secure offers multiple methods (DMI, netconf) to assist in automation and deployment across your managed mobile devices.
  • Security and Compliance in the Cloud – If your enterprise is moving to the cloud for increased business agility, you need a solution that will extend your traditional security and compliance framework beyond the datacenter to the cloud. Pulse One centrally manages remote, mobile and campus access to the datacenter or cloud. Administrators use its intuitive, role-based console to manage security policies, report on appliance and device health, and bulk-provision workspace and appliance configuration. This transformational SaaS offering is also SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliant.

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