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Pulse Secure releases updates of Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure

Pulse Connect Secure v8.2R3 is now available featuring:

  • Secure Access to Cloud Apps
    According to International Data Corp’s early 2016 announcement, ‘worldwide expenditure on public cloud is expected to double between 2015 and 2019, going from $70 billion to $141 billion.’  To support our IT customers’ migration to cloud opportunities, Pulse Secure announced several innovative solutions for the Hybrid IT environment at RSA 2016.  One key solution was Cloud Secure, which provides seamless and compliant access for the Hybrid IT environment. Pulse Connect Secure now supports our Cloud Secure solution.  Now, mobile workers will have access to productivity enabling SaaS apps, such as Office365, Box, and Salesforce, on compliant devices.
  • Granular Cipher Flexibility
    Pulse Connect Secure now offers security-sensitive enterprises Granular Cipher flexibility for any additional customization needed for the mobile endpoints.  To learn more about the latest capabilities of Pulse Connect Secure, please visit the information page.

Pulse Policy Secure v5.3R3 is now available featuring:

  • SNMP based Network Access Control
    Pulse Secure continues to deliver solutions that reduce the complexity and costs associated with deploying a network security solution.  With the latest release of Pulse Policy Secure, IT administrators can utilize SNMP to accelerate deployments and obtain instant benefits of monitoring and controlling heterogeneous devices across local and wide area networks.
  • Integration with Ruckus Wireless LAN
    Another key highlight of this release is Pulse Policy Secure’s added integration with market leading network vendors. This release has enhanced vendor-specific customization with Ruckus Wireless LAN Controllers, more specifically the SmartZone and Zone Director product lines. Additional details of the latest features of Pulse Policy Secure are available here.