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A new vADC chapter is written

A new chapter for a visionary disruptor:

Today, the vADC team gets to write a new chapter in the life of a product line they love, it’s the next big step in the exciting journey of building the best vADC on the market. We’re now settling in to our new home at Pulse Secure, and we couldn’t be happier.

Pulse Secure is a market-leading secure access company moving aggressively with a single mission to deliver “Secure Access Solutions for People, Devices, Things and Services”. Adding the vADC capabilities to the portfolio not only further strengths the ability to deliver the most complete secure access platform but is also meets the perfect intersection of security, cloud, and vADC.

I am personally enthusiastic about turning this page and about transitioning across as General Manager of the vADC business at Pulse Secure.

I’m excited for three main reasons. People, Product and Strategy.

People: I have had the great pleasure of working with great people, from management to brilliant individual contributors on the vADC team at Brocade. We have incredible engineers, product management, marketing and sales people. Making this move, I get to continue working with that global team, and I am fortunate enough to now include the Pulse team to that list of teammates.

Under Sudhakar Ramakrishna’s leadership, Pulse Secure has thrived and seen repeated, continuous growth by simply executing well. The people at Pulse have successfully grown the business to include over 20,000 customers, develop a customer service organization that is best in class, delivering Net Promoter Scores (NPS) surpassing the world class 40 mark, representing the top 25% of all software companies. - Pulse has grown revenue and profitability consistently, all while fostering a collaborative, can-do culture.

Product: Our vADC product has long been viewed as visionary, not just in a magic quadrant kind of way, but truly in the customer’s eyes. That is why we have won customers such as China Mobile and Pernod Ricard. Looking back is not enough though, finding a home where we can thrive at innovating means our product will not only remain a leader in today’s migration from Mode 1 to Mode 2, but also that it will be the platform for tomorrow’s micro-services hybrid-based architectures.

Simply put, we will be even more aggressive in our push to help our customers build their new cloud, hybrid, and next-gen application solutions. In addition to delivering new vADC solutions and business models, we will now combine these application-level benefits with enhanced security offerings, catapulting our customers’ ability to provide secure application performance to new levels.

Strategy: Our team knew disruption was coming to the application delivery market. That is why at Zeus they built the world’s first virtualized software application delivery controller architected for a new way of delivering IT. Since then, that strategy was enhanced with a focus on the emergence of cloud and then further focus was placed on industry-leading flexibility and management with Services Director allowing our customers infinite deployment flexibility in-house or across a variety of cloud or hybrid deployment models.

At Pulse Secure, we can now accelerate even faster into micro-service delivery in the cloud and hybrid environments combined with complete security solutions. This strategy perfectly aligns with Pulse’s vision to deliver secure access to people, devices, things, and services. Together we will deliver answers to tomorrow’s secure access needs, starting today.

I want to thank our incredible team and our customers and partners for joining me on the next chapter in our story. We have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us now with Sudhakar and his management team helping write the tale. Keep the pages turning.