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How to Secure Your Mobile Workforce Across Hybrid Data Environments
Sep 10, 2015

In an increasingly mobile-first world, IT needs to be ready to support the growing number of mobile applications while insuring that the data transmitted and stored is secured. Whether the data is coming from legacy on-premise infrastructure or next-generation cloud services, the communication link between these corporate data silos and an employee’s device of choice needs to be scalable and secure. 

This webinar will detail the challenges in securing the delivery of corporate data to mobile devices, and will identify the tools that will help IT to address these challenges.

Whether your data resides on-premises, in a cloud, or distributed across a hybrid environment, you’ll learn how to securely support a growing mobile workforce. In this webinar you will also learn:

1. The types of apps being adopted and deployed in the enterprise today and into the future

2. How the decision to support bring your own device (BYOD) affects the ability to secure corporate data traveling through and to mobile devices

3. How to ensure you’re meeting the needs of mobile users while providing secure bidirectional communications with a strong user experience

4. And much more!