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A Trust Model for Multi-Cloud Networks and Applications Beyond Zero Trust
Apr 18, 2018

Does a zero-trust model fit into today’s hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure? As IT organizations transition from legacy data centers to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, we need more consistent secure access models, ones that enable users to seamlessly connect from one application to another across these different environments. In such perimeter-less multi-cloud environments, taking a zero-trust approach (trust nothing and no-one) to network and application security seems straightforward and appealing at first. However, the burden of “never trust and always verify” implies explicit check and re-authorizations at local boundaries. How can we enable dynamic secure access anytime, anywhere, all with the basis of established levels of lasting trust? This webinar will cover:

  • Trust as a core principle of a Secure Access Architecture
  • Key relationships between People, Identity and Information
  • Secure connections between Applications and Networks and Devices
  • Orchestration and Automation of policies and workflows