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Optimizing Secure Access on the Go
Sep 14, 2016

Latest Update: Connect Secure 8.2r5 and Policy Secure 5.3r5
Wednesday, September 14  |  8-9am PST / 5-6pm CEST

With mobile, cloud, and IoT constantly challenging IT, innovative new resources and policies are becoming increasingly required. Enabling the digital workforce and securing this growing demand for autonomous anytime access is our top priority.

Learn how the latest features of Pulse Connect Secure 8.2r5 / Pulse Policy Secure 5.3r5 are enabling IT with security solutions that offer increased visibility and control for IT’s evolving landscape, while fulfilling the end-users' increasing needs for access on the go. The following enhancements are discussed in detail:

  • Pulse Connect Secure: SSO Enhancements on Cloud Secure, Best Uses for Multi-factor Authentication and Applet-free Environments 

  • Pulse Policy Secure: Profiler Options and Host-Checking Updates   

John Oh - Senior Manager, Products and Solutions Marketing
With 15+ years of experience in the mobile and security industry, John is responsible for the product and solutions marketing. He has held various product and solutions marketing roles at companies including Cisco, Palm, and Sun Microsystems.  

Ashur Kanoon - Senior Technical Marketing Manager
Ashur is an industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience across a broad range of platforms and technologies with a primary focus on network security, mobility, and access. His current work focuses on secure remote access, policy enforcement, and mobility. Prior to Pulse Secure, Ashur spent many years at Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems. Ashur has a bachelor's degree in computer information systems and a master of business administration.

Ganesh Nakhawa - Senior Product Manager for Policy Secure
With over 16 years of security and networking experience, Ganesh has held various product management, product marketing, and engineering roles at companies such as MOCANA, Bradford Networks, AFL, Nortel Networks, and Cabletron. Ganesh has a M.S. in Telecommunication from Boston University and M.B.A from Babson College.