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Next Generation Security Requires Next Generation Technology

We, at Pulse Secure, have had a flurry of monumental events to celebrate in just a short period of time. In June, we announced that Sudhakar Ramakrishna was appointed as our new CEO– a tremendous addition to an already thriving team. We also launched our global channel partner program – Pulse Secure Connect Now – which has been well-received in the channel community.

This week, we’re continuing the momentum by announcing a family of Pulse Secure Appliances that are designed to power next generation secure access and alleviate the pains of mobile access and deploying applications for enterprises.

That type of progress is tremendous for the mobile workforce, but can create complexities for enterprise IT administrators. Think of all of the applications and cloud services that need to be accessed from all over the world, without compromising security and/or compliance.

Our mission at Pulse Secure is to eliminate that fear of compromise, and to assure enterprises that they have increased performance, control and versatility to keep pace with the evolving, and burgeoning, BYOD and IoT landscape. To that end, we’ve announced the new Pulse Secure Appliance and the availability of our centralized management console, Pulse One, which helps enterprises to enable network access and promote a growing mobile workforce – without sacrificing security. There is a slew of information available on the Pulse Secure Appliance series, as well as our SaaS-based Pulse One management platform. Below are just a few of the product highlights:

Pulse Secure Appliance:

  • Provides enterprises with increases performance, control and versatility
  • Supports Pulse Connect Secure (VPN) and Pulse Policy Secure (NAC)
  • Comes in three scalable sizes: PSA3000, PSA5000 and PSA7000

Pulse One

  • SaaS-based management console that helps enterprises boost network access, scale mobile workforce and deliver on user demands
  • Easy-to-deploy solution that unifies VPN, NAC and EMM
  • Allows enterprises to centrally manage all of Pulse Secure Appliances, manage endpoint and mobile policies, report on appliance and device health, mass –provision workspace and appliance policies and configuration

At the heart of all the changes to the enterprise security landscape, I go back to what Sudhakar said in his introductory blog post: “security is about enabling access and NOT about enforcing control.” Never before has that statement reigned more true than today. At Pulse Secure, we’re committed to giving enterprises the freedom, flexibility and access that is REQUIRED in today’s evolving landscape. With the release of the Pulse Secure Appliance and Pulse One management console, we’re taking another stride in that direction and anticipating what’s next in the industry.