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Not your Grandfather's NAC: the Pulse Secure NAC Solution Explained

Today’s modern network is no longer confined to servers, computers and network hardware, far from it in fact. There are many more devices to contend with and to control, including mobile devices, cloud-based applications and services, virtual servers, to name just a few. As IT environments and mobile technology continue to evolve, organizations need to keep on top of network access control to ensure their assets are protected from unauthorized access, untrusted devices and malicious content and attacks.

As the “traditional” need for Network Access Control (NAC) has evolved over the past few years to now include requirements for BYOD scenarios, NAC’s value proposition and usefulness have expanded commensurately. Never has the need been greater for an easy to use, intuitive, way to help administrators gain complete control and visibility of users and devices entering the network. Rightfully, it seems that ensuring company data is kept secure and uncompromised is everyone’s job #1 these days. As a new, independent company, helping customers big and small solve this problem is at the core of what Pulse Secure does everyday. So, let’s dive a little deeper into how we do it.

How Does the Pulse Secure NAC Work?The short answer is that it works best when paired with other elements of our best in class remote access platform, namely our VPN, mobile container solution, and our soon to be released, Pulse One management platform. While it can be used and deployed stand-alone, our shared deployment architecture and security policy engine make for a powerful “sum of their parts” equation. At a functional level, NAC’s role is, to simply, but powerfully, allow trusted devices access to network resources by ensuring they comply with a specific set of rules - or rather, a security policy. In recent years, the granularity of NAC security policies has advanced dramatically, largely driven by changes in how we all access information.

Where once administrators only had a minimum set of rules by which to grant or deny access for a device, Pulse Policy Secure, Pulse Secure’s NAC offering, offers intelligent, context aware security. This gives you the freedom to configure security policies within your enterprise to grant or deny network access based on user, device, role, network, time, location and compliance and application status information. In layman’s terms, it helps companies control the “who, what, where, when, and how” of getting access to the network.

For example, if a laptop tries to connect to the network, and doesn’t have the latest antivirus DAT installed, you can block access, or only allow access to sandbox or other development areas. If a user attempts to access a network resource with an untrusted mobile phone, they will be denied access.

Features of Pulse Policy Secure include:

  • Full visibility and analytical reporting
  • Automated on-boarding i.e. securely maximizing a new employee or contractor’s time to value
  • Role-based, application level security policy enforcement—supports full Layer 2 - Layer 7 enforcement
  • Context-aware security policies – the who, what, when, where, how
  • Guest access management
  • Standards-based and interoperability - ensures ease of deployment
  • Proven secure - FIPS 140-2 compliance & Common Criteria assurance level of EAL3+

Why Choose Pulse Policy Secure for Your Enterprise?Whether you are looking to control guest access or access across your entire enterprise for all users and devices, Pulse Policy Secure offers simple and secure Network Access Control that can be tailored to your organization. Granular, standards-based policies can be used to define access rights based on user identity, integrity, device type and location, among other attributes.

Quick and Easy Deployment within any EnterprisePulse Secure Policy offers enterprises a highly secure, end-to-end NAC and BYOD solution, and it is by no means challenging to install or manage. Whether you choose the optional “step-by-step” configuration wizard or a phased installation, you can deploy and configure Pulse Secure Policy quickly and easily.

What’s more, the user experience and access to corporate resources is seamless; whether users are local or remote, thanks to federation single-sign-on (SSO).

Call 844-807-8573 today and speak to a Pulse Secure representative. Request a free demo customized to your company’s BYOD and mobile enterprise. Pulse Policy Secure gives you the robust security framework required to protect today’s modern corporate networks.