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One year ago Pulse virtual ADC was born

If you’ve been in the tech or media business for more than a couple of years, you will know that change is the only constant in tech. We have seen so many cool technologies come and go, hardware trends rise and fall, and amazing ideas emerge and then become mainstream within a couple of months.

Even a single year can bring astonishing changes: since July 2017, comic-book movies are back in fashion, we have fired sports cars into space, we have seen the rise and fall of so-called “Fake News”, and Bitcoin has reached almost $18,000, before heading back to where it started the year at around $5,000. You don’t see much technology in the English country village where I live, but this year electric/hybrid cars are now as common as agricultural vehicles.

And just one year ago, Pulse Secure acquired the vADC solution portfolio from Brocade, marking the start of the next chapter for the leading application delivery controller (ADC) for virtual and cloud applications. IT technology trends have moved as quickly as ever during that year, and we have kept pace with our customers as they move to adopt new IT technologies to support their growth.

Our first 12 months at Pulse Secure has gone so quickly: Pulse has invested in our vADC team and technology and has allowed us to continue the momentum throughout the year, with new product releases, partner integrations and new solutions for Secure Access. For example:

* Accelerating cloud adoption with Google cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS GovCloud

* Support for open source DevOps tools such as Terraform and Docker containers

* Powerful new graphical analytics tools, to support our enterprise customers

We thank our customers who have followed us on our journey, through their commitment to our technology, cloud and subscription programs, and thanks also to our partners who are helping their customers build Secure Access solutions integrating vADC with VPN and NAC.

We look forward to sharing the next year with you!