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Optimized for Next Generations’ Secure Access - Pulse Connect Secure 8.3

At RSA 2017, Pulse Secure introduced the Secure Access Suite and we are happy to announce  Pulse Connect Secure 8.3R1 release, a key product of Pulse ’s Secure Access solution. With this release, we have focused on building exciting new capabilities, around three key themes.

·       Integration across the Secure Access product portfolio

·       Usability and Simplicity of operation and deployment, for users & administrators

·       Compatibility & Ecosystem, for continued market leadership 

Cloud Secure, an existing capability of Pulse Connect Secure, converts Connect Secure into a Unified Gateway for all resources, while offering seamless Single Sign-on, with assured Security based on User identity, role authorization and Device posture compliance. With this release of Cloud Secure and integration with Pulse Policy Secure, Pulse Connect Secure now offers optimized and consistent access for devices outside the corporate network, or inside the network. This means that we now support roaming users, who sign into our Secure Access solution once, and then continue to get seamless cloud access as they roam inside and outside the corporate network, without having to worry about re-authenticating with complex credentials. At the same time, IT is guaranteed that the devices get access only as long as they continue to meet the compliance needs setup for the role and resource. We have also made deployment of Cloud Secure a breeze, even for deployments with ADFS – in such an environment, Cloud Secure provides ‘Secure’ SSO for all remote devices.

From a deployment standpoint, Pulse Connect Secure is offering its customers a Virtual Licensing Server, where customers now have the flexibility to deploy their Pulse solutions as completely virtual offerings, and in doing so reap all the obvious benefits of virtualization, such as Fault Tolerance, Live Migration etc. The Virtual Licensing server offers the complete capability set as the physical Licensing server, and works with all Virtual or Physical appliances, across Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure.

Some other enhancements in areas such as Kerberos Constrained Delegation for Email on Mobile devices (with Certificate Authentication), improved client support (CTS and WSAM support added) for Citrix access when deployed with Storefront, IPv6 enhancements, VPN Only Access mode, and others that will help streamline deployment in our customers’ environments.

In summary, we are really excited about the dynamic features available in the Pulse Connect Secure 8.3R1.  Please visit Pulse Secure (Click here) or contact your Pulse Secure representative for a demonstration.