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Optimized Service with Fast Food and Network Security

For over 50 years, the convenience of a fast food drive thru has become America’s favorite. Ordering from your car without stepping out revolutionized America’s fast food industry. Today, the popularity of a drive thru has diminished due to its popularity causing customers to wait in a long queue and decreased priority of drive thru customers. If there is a slow-moving customer in the lane concentrating on their smart phones rather than paying attention to the traffic flow of the queue, this can cause a significant delay in servicing customers and decrease revenue to the business.

Last week, I decided to have a simple breakfast at McDonalds and while waiting, I noticed a monitor above the fryer that monitors the hourly statistics as to how long an order has been placed and how long it took to hand it off to the customer in the drive thru queue. In my childhood days, waiting in a driveway thru queue for my favorite chocolate sundae was a thrill. Nowadays, the fascination of a drive thru experience has gone downwards. Customers want their food and want it faster.

In the networking world, we are experiencing the same issue. The convenience of having access to the Internet has significantly changed. Aside from having Internet access, customer expectations include fast and easy access that is reliable and secure.

As network professionals, we architect with the intent of eliminating bottlenecks to the best of our ability. Long wait times and network outages are non-productive, cost organizations money, and result in a negative end-user experience. Optimized network speeds and consistent uptime are the standard for any network. One can compare the fast food industry with the networking industry and conclude some similarities. Analogous to fast food chains perfecting their ‘secret sauce’ recipe as a competitive differentiator, networking companies have also perfected their “secret recipe” to provide speed and reliability combined.

In the virtual application delivery control (vADC) world, Pulse Secure’s vTraffic Manager solution was developed to optimize, accelerate, and secure web applications. With Pulse Secure Services Director Analytics, our solution can quickly pinpoint bottlenecks and control traffic to eliminate slow traffic.

With Pulse Services Director Analytics platform, it offers an added monitoring capability to every vTM platform in the network. Services Analytics offers a single pane window to monitor the real-time or historical traffic of a network. The Services Director also offers a flexible licensing (FLA) portal that enables an administrator to customize the bandwidth throughput allocated to every application allowing the increase or decrease of a license dynamically.

Similar to the drive thru scenario, the Pulse solution can monitor Car #4 to stop sleeping in the car and start moving forward, or the drive thru attendant would say ‘yes’, your order is ready. Please move forward to the next window.