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Overcoming Cloud-Based Security Challenges with Pulse Connect Secure

Cloud-based services have revolutionized the way organizations store, access and manage their data and applications, but they are services that often come with inherent risks. Data leakage and secure access are just some of the hurdles that IT teams face when choosing and using a cloud service.

Here we look into the vulnerabilities that cloud-based services can present within the enterprise, and how Pulse Secure Connect Secure can help address these risks while protecting valuable network and data assets.

Identifying the Risk - The Most Common Vulnerabilities of Cloud-Storage

More and more organizations are providing their employees with “on the move” access to corporate resources. Whether this is done using a laptop, smartphone, home PC or tablet, this access needs to be secure at all times in order to prevent data leakage and unauthorized access. Policies also need to be in place to ensure users are only granted permissions to the data they are authorized to access, and to protect sensitive or confidential data.

Data Leakage

Unfortunately, many businesses are holding back from moving to cloud-based apps and storage because they have a fear of data leakage. Those fears are certainly not unjustified. Cloud-based storage can create substantial risks when not managed well. Data can be compromised in transit, put into the wrong hands if a device is lost, or users could access sensitive data that they are not supposed to see. There is also the intuitive worry about putting data assets and network control in the hands of a third party.

User Credentials and Authorizing Access

Cloud-based solutions need to offer rich granularity when it comes to user access. Whether to control who can access what data, or from which device or network, cloud solutions should provide the level of control you need. Network administration also needs to be simplified to ensure quick configuration, fast problem resolution and automated updates.

Organizations should also have a way of controlling access to specific apps using per-app permissions and policies. This can help to ensure that potentially risky personal apps are not permitted access to the network, while approved business apps get the green light.

Snooping and Data Theft

Data can be very vulnerable in the cloud, and an organization can often feel quite exposed as a result. When data is held on any network, in the cloud or within the organization’s own perimeter, there is always a risk of data interception, and other malicious activity. Most organizations want to have robust mechanisms in place to prevent snooping or data theft, and how this is implemented will often depend on compliance requirements. For example, financial organizations typically require several layers of encryption to be in place between their users and their cloud-based services.

BYOD Risks

The introduction of the “Bring Your Own Device” program has been a blessing and a curse for many IT managers, and it is a problem that consistently creates challenges. Controlling the myriad of devices that are now in use within the workplace is a daily challenge. The risks to the enterprise can be huge if policies are not enforced. Seamless policy driven access is a must for any organization allowing their employees and visitors to access corporate resources from these devices.

The End-User Experience

A strong security strategy is a must when using any cloud-based service, but it shouldn’t be bogged down in detail or heavy configuration. Many BYOD programs and remote access services in general have been abandoned simply because the process was too difficult for end-users to grasp. The experience for the user has to be effortless.

Eliminating Security and Data Access Risks with Pulse Connect Secure

Pulse Connect Secure gives organizations the control they need to ensure these risks are minimized, and in most cases eliminated completely. One of the many benefits of using Pulse Connect Secure is that there is no software to install, and everything can be achieved through the web browser. The end-user experience is therefore smooth, seamless and set within an environment they are already familiar with.

The TLS VPN is responsible for authenticating connections to the data center or cloud, and providing users with the applications and data access they have been granted access to. The result is a consistent and fast native user experience across a wide range of web-enabled devices, secure and encrypted access and simple network administration at the backend.

VDI Support and Simple Network Administration Make BYOD a Breeze

There is also good news for adopters of BYOD programs, including those who have deployed Citrix or VMWare across their enterprise. Pulse Connect Secure allows secure remote and mobile access from any web-enabled device, and delivers secure, fast and optimized access to services and applications according to the access levels that have been granted. VDI Support also offers seamless remote access to users’ virtual desktops so that they have access to the applications they know, and are presented with a familiar set of options.

Pulse Connect Secure also makes network administration and compliance management easier thanks to its intuitive web-based console, integration with EMM policy management platforms and end-user self-provisioning. Policy changes and software updates can also be automated while viewing the status of an application in the administration dashboard.

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features and benefits of the Pulse Secure SSL VPN Solution.

Pulse Connect Secure - The All-in-One Solution for Cloud and Data Center Access

BYOD and cloud-based services present new and constantly moving risks and challenges for any organization implementing these services. Pulse Connect Secure helps IT teams to manage these challenges, ensuring robust security and compliance policies are in place and engaged. The result is a more productive workforce, confidence in network and data integrity and the ability to take total control over user and device access according to your own policies. Access is fast, secure and optimized to ensure users have access to the apps they need on the go, without any compromise to corporate resources.

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