Pulse Cloud Secure

Seamless and Compliant Access to SaaS and Mission-Critical Data Center Applications

Secure and streamline mobile workforce access to cloud and data center applications

Pulse Cloud Secure is designed to securely provide workers anytime access to multi-cloud environments. Out of the box features, like single sign-on (SSO), eliminate workers’ need for multiple passwords and provide automatic access to applications and service.

Cloud Secure inter-operates with third party identity and access management (IAM) vendors for added service flexibility. And, industry compliance is ensured by Pulse Secure’s host-checking capabilities that assess the status and health of the user’s devices.

  • Enable secured use of popular cloud offerings including Google Apps for Work, Office 365, Salesforce, Concur, Box, and Dropbox
  • Simplify user access to the data center and cloud with SSO from laptops and mobile devices
  • Grant cloud access based on user authentication and device security posture

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Discover how easy it is to enable secure access to cloud applications.

A View from the Top

Learn how Pulse Secure’s CEO views Secure Access for Hybrid IT

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Secure access to cloud platforms like Office 365, Salesforce, and Dropbox

Enterprises need to secure access for mobile workforces while boosting productivity and compliance

Friction-free user experience
Security should not be a barrier, and workers should not have to care where their apps are coming from.  Access should be seamless and transparent.

Simplified, secure hybrid IT access
Blending secure access across applications deployed in data centers, public, and private clouds should be simple, not a complex exercise is administration and interoperation.

Increased Compliance
As applications become increasingly dispersed, ensuring that the devices accessing data are compliant is critical in preventing data breaches and malware spread.

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Accelerate Hybrid IT Access

Boost worker productivity and streamline secure access to cloud and data center apps

Simplify mobile workforce access
Cloud Secure leverages the Pulse Secure unified client, so users have a streamlined access process at their fingertips.  Data protection is built in so there’s no detailed endpoint configuration and no security mechanisms are bypassed.

Scale connectivity to hybrid IT resources
Cloud Secure access is direct from the endpoint once authorized.  Single sign-on and identity verification using SAML 2.0, along with integration with EMM providers like Airwatch and MobileIron as well as Pulse Workspace make it a simple matter to connect to cloud applications.

Raise your security profile and compliance

Cloud Secure leverages endpoint host validation to prevent malware spread.  Devices are checked for the presence of personal firewall software, OS versions and patches, anti-virus software, and other parameters to prevent rooted or jailbroken devices from connecting to your network.

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Pulse Cloud Secure

Pulse Cloud Secure ensures that workers have secure access to applications in the cloud.  Leveraging SSO and identity and access management features, Cloud Secure is helping define the next chapter of IT strategy.

Secure Access to the next generation of apps with Cloud Secure

Key features to enable fast, easy hybrid IT access:

  • Single sign-on to simplify access to the data center and cloud using industry-standard SAML 2.0
  • Centralized management of policy, compliance, and authorization for the cloud and data center using Pulse One
  • Integration with EMM providers and Pulse Workspace to enable mobile workers to seamlessly and securely access cloud and data center resources
  • Cloud Secure can serve as a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) and as a SAML Service Provider (SP) to verify and validate identities for Zero Trust access
  • Increase compliance and security by checking endpoints for security state before the connection, ensuring only authorized users with trusted devices access your data
  • Cloud access direct from the endpoint once authorization is complete for faster throughput and better performance

Secure Access to SaaS

Protect enterprise access to Box, Salesforce, Office 365, and others

Pulse Connect Secure and Cloud Secure make it easier for customers to transform their trusted and reliable

VPN solution into a scalable Secure Access solution. Coupled with Pulse One’s broad management capabilities, it adapts to the morphing data center and the different ways today’s workers access applications and information.

Pulse Secure is designed to simplify how companies establish, maintain, and enforce compliant connectivity in the following ways:

  • Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for access to hybrid IT environments
  • Provide single sign-on (SSO) using an on-premise identity store
  • Ensure security compliance for computers, smartphones and tablets using Host Checker
  • Enable data protection/isolation with on-demand connectivity

Access Both Cloud and Data Center Resources

Single Sign-On Cloud Secure supports SAML based SSO which allows preauthenticated users to access resources without entering credentials again for applications which are accessed
Compliance Cloud Secure leverages Pulse Secure’s host checking capabilities in desktops and MDM device attributes in mobile devices to give best in class compliance posture assessment capabilities and allows for varying levels of access based on device compliance and well as user-based information.
Certificate Authentication Certificate authentication eliminates the need for users to provide credentials manually every time On-demand VPN is triggered.
On-demand VPN & Location-based VPN Automatic VPN connections based on location through Pulse client in Desktops and through on-demand VPN support in mobile devices eliminates users triggering manual VPN connections.
Split Tunneling Cloud Secure eliminates data center hair pinning (also known as back hauling) by optionally only sending authentication, authorization, and compliance check traffic to PCS and sending application data directly to the cloud.
Role-based Access Control RBAC allows access to resources based on the roles assigned to users
Compliance failure notification Cloud Secure supports notifications for Compliance failure scenarios. A remediation notification helps notify end users about the reason of failure and the necessary steps to get the device into a compliant state.
Extensible Identity Management Cloud Secure integrates well with Third-Party Identity Providers to support existing customer deployments that have already implemented these Identity management solutions.
On-premise Cloud access Cloud Secure supports SSO for on-premise users authenticated to Pulse Policy Secure (PPS). This is done by sharing session information from PPS to PCS through IF-MAP federation and removes the need to establish a VPN tunnel directly to PCS.

Deliver Seamless Secure Access to Cloud and Data Center Applications

Secure access to applications to only authorized users, preventing data loss and leakage, and raising security profiles.

Resources across on-premise, cloud, and SaaS Secure Access to all resources in hybrid IT
Different credentials across SaaS applications Identity management
Remote and local workforce BYOD access Compliant-only access for BYOD
Sharing credentials over public Internet for cloud access Tunneled access for authorization and SSO traffic