In Case of Emergency (ICE) – License Option

On-Demand Remote Access Business Continuity

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Instantly Address Dramatic Peaks and Shifts in Demand
for Remote Access When Emergencies Strike

Secure Remote Access solutions keep businesses running even during the most unpredictable circumstances. When hurricanes, terrorist threats, cyberattacks, system outages, transportation strikes, pandemics, or other disastrous events occur, it can result in the quarantine or isolation of entire regions or groups of people for an extended period of time. With the Pulse ICE license option, organizations can ensure productivity, protected connectivity and business continuity.

Friction-free Continuity
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Instantly increase users to the capacity of an appliance (beyond current license) and readily transfer user licenses between physical, virtual and cloud appliances to support burst loads.

Accessibility Where and When Needed
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Users can stay productive during a crisis knowing they can securely connect to cloud and data center apps and resources even while at home, on public terminals or with personal devices.

Readiness Testing
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As a best practice, ICE can be activated and deactivated to test capacity peaks during emergency recovery drills.

Assured Accessibility When Emergency Strikes

Zero Trust Secure Access can help keep organizations and businesses optimized by connecting people and protecting connections to hybrid IT applications and resources — and with Pulse ICE, even during the most unpredictable circumstances. IT Staff just do not have enough time to contact, negotiate and add capacity during an emergency – they must act fast. Through the ICE license option, organizations can instantly address a dramatic peak or change in demand for remote access in cases of emergency by supporting additional user capacity and license shifting across Pulse Secure physical, virtual and cloud appliances.

Easy Licensing for Emergency Activation

Simple add-on license that can be readily activated during license term.

Instant Capacity on Demand

Add performance and licenses where needed avoiding procurement time and effort.

Mitigate At-risk Endpoint and Connectivity Risks

Allow for unplanned device access usage while reducing attack vectors and compliance exposure.

Business Continuity Compliance

Satisfy internal, regulatory and business availability compliance requirements.

Balanced Response and Scale with Risk and Costs

Cost-effective and scalable temporary approach for mitigating business disruption.

Feature Highlights

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Temporary Capacity Elasticity

Gain up to 8 weeks of maximum user count per appliance during ICE activation.
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License Shifting

Move user licenses between physical, virtual and cloud appliances in different locations during ICE activation period.
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BYOD and Endpoint Security

Ensure endpoint compliance even with at risk devices and locations of use while enabling flexible corporate, personal and public device connectivity.
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Consumption Calibration

Gain adequate time and analytics to determine post-incident access and license requirements.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) License

Pulse Secure ICE license option provides a quick resolution when the unexpected happens, delivering the ability to handle extreme peak demands and to support continued business operations. The ICE license option is applied to the Pulse Secure Appliance – (PSA) – Series of appliances; physical, virtual or cloud. It allows the maximum capacity of the underlying hardware (or resource allocation) for a temporary period.

With the full ICE option, for example, an organization with a Pulse Secure PSA5000 licensed for 100 concurrent users can add the PSA ICE license. When applied and enabled, ICE license will allow the organization to support up to 2,500 concurrent users on that device for up to 8 weeks (2,500 users is the maximum user count supported on the PSA5000). With the ICE license option applied to multiple PSAs, user licenses can be readily shared, during the 8-week timeframe, to allow for even greater access flexibility and consumption during a regional crisis.

When ICE is applied but not enabled on a Pulse Secure Appliance, the expanded capacity and license exchange features cannot be used on that device unless the corresponding this ICE license has been enabled.

ICE License Diagram


AmericanU Logo

American University

"What I've been most impressed with is that it was able to scale up sixfold and still maintain a usable user experience and throughput. Man, I'm impressed!"

 - Eric Weakland, Director of Information Security, American University

Read the case study here

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Brethren Mutual Insurance Company

"Brethren Mutual has been using Pulse Secure for remote access for several years. When the Pandemic hit and caused us to close the office in April, we were able to quickly implement our “ICE” license. This gave us the time to switch our licensing to be able to cover the large change in remote workers without make any changes to our current setup. The flexible licensing and the ability of the appliance to handle our total number shows how well the solution works for our environment and for many others."

 - Tom Harley, Director of Information Security Systems, Brethren Mutual Insurance Company