Fortify Your Network Security Posture with
Next-Gen Network Access Control

Automate Network Visibility, Access Control and Threat Response

Enterprises face increasing cybercrime activity and data breaches, which now cost an average $4M USD each.

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions provide organizations with continuous visibility, endpoint and IOT access control, and automated threat mitigation. Using Network Access Control (NAC), they can  implement a “comply to connect” strategy that uses strong endpoint authentication, host checking, conditional access, guest management, IoT security, interoperability and automated threat response capabilities to fortify their security posture and to support compliance requisites.

Pulse delivers a full featured, Next-Gen Network Access Control (NAC), plus:

  • An easy, flexible path to next generation NAC, starting with visibility by leveraging the Pulse Profiler and subsequently migrate to full enterprise-class NAC functionality while phasing in access enforcement, network coverage and core integrations.
  • “Comply to connect” policy enforcement enabling roles-based user access management with security posture assurance, and automated discovery and control for managed, unmanaged and unknown endpoints and IoT devices.
  • Security orchestration and threat response with popular next-gen firewalls (NGFW), security information and event management (SIEM), switches, wireless controllers, enterprise mobility management (EMM), endpoint security and IoT security solutions.
  • Expedited NAC deployment for current Pulse VPN users by leveraging the same device Client (agent and agentless), centralized management console, and policy framework, while gaining full intelligence on remote, on-premise and cloud user and endpoint activity.
DeMystifying NAC WhitePaper

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2020 Gartner report on Network Access Control

Learn more about how Network Access Control (NAC) ensures user, guest, endpoint and IoT device visibility and Zero Trust access security.

Quadrant Solutions Report

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The Pulse Policy Secure (PPS): Deployment, Implementation and Configuration Training Course provides in-depth training as well as access to several hands-on labs.

Pulse Profiler

Pulse Profiler automatically identifies managed, unmanaged and IoT devices that are connecting to your network locally or remotely. It provides dynamic network device discovery, assessment and inventory, and includes an embedded, high-performance RADIUS server that speeds access processing and reduces deployment cost.

Pulse Policy Secure

This next-generation NAC solution provides endpoint visibility, easy usability, IoT security and compliance enforcement capabilities. PPS tackles the challenges of securing corporate networks which are being redefined by Hybrid IT, mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Pulse Access Suite Plus

Pulse Access Suite Plus delivers protected connectivity, operational intelligence, and threat response across mobile, network, and multi-cloud environments – providing superior user experience and single-pane-of-glass management. Secure Access management is simplified with centralized policy administration, a unified appliance platform, broad endpoint client coverage, and standards-based infrastructure and cloud interoperability.

Common Architecture

NAC Access Control in Networking Architecture

Pulse Secure provides an integrated “comply to connect” solution that protects your network.  Remote users access the data center via Pulse Connect Secure based on their role and device security posture using the Pulse Client.  Pulse Client is also use to access information inside the network via Pulse Policy Secure using the same policy.  One client, one policy.  Simple.

IoT Infographic: Secure Access for the Smart Factory Floor

NAC Network IOT Infographic

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