Endpoint & IOT Device Discovery

Pulse Profiler delivers real-time visibility, insight and tracking of endpoint and IOT devices

Security Starts with Visibility

90% of companies are unaware of the endpoint and IoT devices connected to their networks.

  • Discover, inspect and track endpoint & IOT devices through real-time network discovery. Documenting managed endpoints and their security posture, and uncovering unsanctioned, at risk and rogue devices is the first step in any network security program.
  • Gain continuous monitoring and mitigation of endpoint and IOT devices employing a variety of methods including DHCP, SNMP, NMAP, WMI, SSH, EMM and HTTP session details.
  • Capture and make use of detailed identity, device type, configuration, UEBA and compliance attributes. Enable custom classification of endpoint and IOT devices to further ensure operational intelligence.

Pulse Policy Profiler Datasheet

Get a quick overview how Pulse Profiler helps you get real-time visibility, insight and tracking of endpoint and IoT devices

Visibility and PCI-DSS Compliance

Learn why and how network visibility enables PCI-DSS compliance

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You Can’t Secure What You Cannot See

90% of Companies Aren’t Aware of What’s Connected to their Networks

Most organizations believe they know what’s connected to their network, but they are usually off by as much as 30%

How Are Network Devices Behaving
Unmanaged, unsanctioned and rogue endpoint and IoT devices pose security risks. Gaining real-time visibility of network devices reduces the chance that an at risk device can be used as a jump point for a cyberattack.

Know What Devices are Doing On Your Network
Understand the behavior of BYOD, IoT, and unknown network devices. Identify open ports and malicious systems. Collect real-time and historical endpoint data to capture your security posture, refine policy and close security gaps.

Do you have Continuous Profiling?
Security and IT operations teams are required to monitor and actively respond to device issues, security incidents and anomalous behavior. Continuous network profiling of unmanaged, non-compliant and rogue devices yields operational oversight.

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The unknown endpoint can be used as an entry vector for cyberattack

Profiler uncovers at risk devices, so they can be managed and secured

Discover network connected devices and establish operational visibility. Rogue and unmanaged endpoint devices outside of management purview and can be susceptible to compromise and data leakage.

Gain and benchmark endpoint attributes including operating system version, device type, patch levels, applications, location, behavior and more. Understand and refine device security standards and endpoint compliance adherance.

Real-time monitoring of changes in endpoint profiles and device behavior. Efficiently respond to discrepancies and exposures on critical and unknown endpoints.

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  • Technical Specs

  • Benefits

Automatically detect, classify, and monitor all network connected devices

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Designed to Seek and Inspect

Robust Real-time Discovery and Inspection Features

  • Continuous profiling to discover unmanaged and unknown endpoints and IoT devices
  • Agentless and agent-based discovery and inspection capabilities
  • Multi-factor intelligence gathering: DHCP, SNMP, Nmap, WMI, SSH, EMM, and HTTP session
  • Auto-classification leveraging a growing database of over 10,000 device types
  • Profiles endpoints assigned with static IP addresses and IOT devices without using agents
  • Actively detects and scans open ports to detect MAC spoofing

Discover the Unknown

Security Starts with Visibility

  • Continuous Device Visibility

Discover, examine, and track all known and unknown BYOD, IoT, and user endpoints. Whether on-premise, off-premise, or in the cloud, no device remains hidden when employing Pulse Secure Profiler. Planning a continuous cadence of device discovery supports a proactive security approach to enforcing endpoint security policy and protecting business critical applications from insecure devices.

  • IoT Device Discovery

IoT device sprawl can intensify quickly and outgrow IT support capacity. The task of discovering, securing, and managing a vast contingent of IoT devices is simplified through device profiling. Visibility of IoT devices through Pulse Secure Profiler allows IT to control sprawl by tracking each as they connect to the network.

Technical Specifications

  • Endpoint visibility into on-premises and remote connection via PCS
  • Fingerprinting Methods: DHCP Fingerprinting (Helper Address or RSPAN port), MAC OUI, SNMP/SNMP Traps, CDP/LLDP, HTTP User Agent, Nmap, WMI and WDM
  • Device Discovery Reporting & Dashboard with advanced filters and historical data
  • Collect endpoint device profiling information and maintain dynamic, contextual inventory of networked devices including IoT devices.
  • View local and remote endpoints from single GUI
  • Monitor and manage devices for profile change
  • Supports comprehensive policy enforcement
  • Use device inventory for asset management
  • Useful for troubleshooting and visibility



Visibility Benefits

Endpoints That are Unknown Cannot Be Secured

An invisible endpoint is insecure and a liability to the protection of the business. Pulse Policy Profiler uncovers unknowns and profiles all endpoints and IoT devices.

  • Continuous visibility mapping of all managed and unmanaged network endpoints and IoT devices
  • Ongoing database of over 10,000 unique device types
  • Automatic or custom classification of devices using a variety of polling methods (DHCP, SNMP, Nmap, WMI, SSH, HTTP)

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