The Pulse Access Suite

Three editions perfect for your needs

Secure Access for Hybrid IT

Secure access for businesses is being redefined by mobility, BYOD, and cloud services. Workers demand seamless connectivity and access from cars, trains, hotels, or homes to applications and resources increasingly in the cloud.

Pulse Secure’s Access Suite offers complete, end-to-end protection for remote and mobile enterprise access of services and applications from any device.

  • Essentials Edition provides VPN access and cloud-based visibility for data centers
  • Advanced Edition adds cloud security features, discovery and profiling, and cloud-based management
  • Enterprise Edition adds Single Sign-on, guest Wi-Fi access, and protection from rogue IoT devices
Pulse Access Suite Quick Sheet

Learn more about each edition with our Pulse Access Suite Quick Sheet

Ovum’s On the Radar Report

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Pulse Secure’s Secure Access Checklist

Ensure Secure Access usability, protection, and compliance for data center and multi-cloud access

Choose Your Platform

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Pulse Profiler

Pulse Profiler automatically identifies managed, unmanaged and IoT devices that are connecting to your network locally or remotely. It provides dynamic network device discovery, assessment and inventory, and includes an embedded, high-performance RADIUS server that speeds access processing and reduces deployment cost.

Pulse Policy Secure

This next-generation NAC solution provides endpoint visibility, easy usability, IoT security and compliance enforcement capabilities. PPS tackles the challenges of securing corporate networks which are being redefined by Hybrid IT, mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Because PPS works seamlessly with the Pulse Secure VPN solution, IT enjoys integrated visibility and access control for Hybrid IT, providing users with simple access to enterprise information and applications regardless of their location while also simplifying policy enforcement and compliance verification.

Common Architecture


Pulse Secure provides an integrated “comply to connect” solution that protects your network.  Remote users access the data center via Pulse Connect Secure based on their role and device security posture using the Pulse Client.  Pulse Client is also use to access information inside the network via Pulse Policy Secure using the same policy.  One client, one policy.  Simple.