Pulse Access Suite Plus

Modular. Integrated. Scalable.

Pulse Access Suite Plus Delivers Zero Trust Access
for Data Center and Cloud

The Pulse Access Suite provides easy access for users and a single-pane-of-glass to streamline provisioning, management and scalability. The solution integrates adaptive identity and device authentication, protected connectivity, extensive visibility and analytics, and threat response across mobile, network and multi-cloud environments.

With the Suite, organizations can centrally orchestrate Zero Trust policy to ensure compliant access to applications, resources and services for hybrid IT. Pulse Secure Suite Plus offers procurement ease with modular capabilities, deployment, and licensing to provide reduced total cost of ownership.

Fast & Secure
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Optimized access to data center and cloud services

Consistent Native-User Experience
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Across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Simplified Administration
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Centralized web-based console, end-user provisioning, and integration with MDM/EMM platforms

Compliance Enforcement
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Consolidated for remote and mobile secure access

Rapid, Flexible Deployment
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Deploy with simplicity, scale, and economics

No Other Vendor Has a Comparable or a Competitive Portfolio

Specialized vendors are downplaying the need for some of their products and solutions as all users and organizations need to be “secure enough."

Enable seamless, proven secure access to hybrid IT

Our industry-leading Zero Trust Secure Access solutions make it easy for users to securely connect to applications and resources in the data center and cloud. Indeed, over 24,000 enterprises rely on Pulse to secure more than 20 million endpoints.

Reduce challenges and costs of secure access

The rapid introduction of new services, devices and applications adds to the complexity of on-going security and compliance enforcement. Security silos create an added burden with operational overhead, increased maintenance and planning, and expanded training.

Eliminate inconsistent workflows and user experience

Typical security solutions limit app choice and create inconsistent workflows and user experience across laptops and mobile devices. Prescriptive security solutions can limit application choice and usage, thereby reducing efficiencies and productivity.

Take advantage of Secure Access consolidation

Consolidate disparate remote, mobile, cloud and network access controls and avoid disparate administrative, policy, management, and response gaps.

Management ease and deployment flexibility

Centralized administration and unified control with the freedom to move or extend implementation on premise, through private and public cloud - even with your hosting provider or managed service provider of choice.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Unified Secure Access platform that works with your existing investment and access ecosystem to reduce expensive administrative, license, management, incident response, and support costs.

Support Top Hybrid IT Secure Access Initiatives




  • Secure access - To the data center and cloud infrastructure and services
  • Simple migration - From data center to hybrid IT and Data Center apps
  • In-depth visibility - Visibility into users, devices and applications on the network
  • Zero Trust secure access - Deploy globally to connect users to the closest applications and infrastructure
  • Flexible - Flexible licensing controls over appliances to accommodate changing deployment needs
  • Device discovery - Identify any rogue device on network
  • Visibility and profiling - Over all users and devices attaching to the corporate network
  • Improved end user experience - Simpler connectivity options and optimized traffic flow to improve end user experience
  • Robust disaster recovery plan - Across multiple regions, DCs, or cloud providers
  • High availability mode - Have all products deployed in High Availability mode
  • Optimize provisioning – Expedite deployment time and management of national and global implementations
  • Dynamic capacity - Instantly address a dramatic peak or change in demand for remote access
Laptop/Desktop VPN access to data center and cloud apps
Mobile device VPN access to data center and cloud apps
Cloud-based visibility of Access infrastructure
Unified client: Win, Mac, Linux, Chrome, iOS, Android, Win Mobile
Agent and agent-less Client
Multi-Factor Authentication, MFA Interoperability
Identity, Device, Security State Authentication
Compliance for remote and mobile access
Remote, cloud and network access visibility, analytics
Centralized cloud-based management of access infrastructure
Discovery and Profiling of network devices
Seamless access to cloud/SaaS applications
Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM, Container)
Global License Server (Virtual Edition)
Advanced role-based access control
Compliant campus access to cloud services
Guest Management (WiFi, Wired)
Layer 2 and Layer 3 network security enforcement
Secure internal networks, users & devices
Identify, classify and segment IoT devices
Optimal Gateway Selection
License bursting in emergencies
Advanced load-balancing for applications and gateways

Extensible Platform

Flexible hybrid IT deployment model that is extensible that also supports xSP implementation and 3rd party integration.

Access Suite works with enterprises’ existing network, cloud and security infrastructure and supports physical, virtual and cloud deployment. The solution supports a broad array of applications; legacy, Cloud and SaaS. With Pulse Access Suite, enterprises realize lower total cost of ownership while attaining procurement, deployment, expansion, and support advantages.

DIAGRAM Pulse Secure Zero Trust Extended

Feature Highlights

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Unified Client

A single desktop/laptop Client (agent, agentless) or mobile App that gives users secure access to Access Suite Capabilities.
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Pulse Cloud Secure

A capability which enables authentication, authorization, compliance, connectivity, and SSO to all internal, cloud-hosted, and SaaS apps from desktop and mobile devices.
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Common Policy Framework

Common security policy across appliances. Simplified deployment by syncing common configuration and policy between PCS appliances and PPS appliances.
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Optimal Gateway Selection

Optimal Gateway Selection is enabled with Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager, providing DNS load-balancing and dynamic failover when deploying multiple geographically located Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) clusters.
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Advanced Load Balancing

Ent+ Suites include additional ADC capacity to provide smart load balancing of PCS and PPS appliances, to distribute user sessions more evenly and provide additional service protection. Additional capacity can be purchased for larger deployments.
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Session Federation

A capability which allows a single user or device session to be re-used across the entire portfolio. This minimizes the number of authentications that the user needs to do once they are connected to any part of the portfolio.
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Pulse Secure Appliance

Purpose-built and versatile appliance to deliver network, mobile, cloud and application access. Pulse Secure Appliance is available in hardware, virtual and cloud form factors.


Brethren Mutual Thumb

Brethren Mutual Insurance Company

"Brethren Mutual has been using Pulse Secure for remote access for several years. When the Pandemic hit and caused us to close the office in April, we were able to quickly implement our “ICE” license. This gave us the time to switch our licensing to be able to cover the large change in remote workers without make any changes to our current setup. The flexible licensing and the ability of the appliance to handle our total number shows how well the solution works for our environment and for many others."

 - Tom Harley, Director of Information Security Systems, Brethren Mutual Insurance Company

The Kahan Center

“It’s a good system and is easy to work with, so, for somebody who’s not trained in computers and information technology, I think it’s a really nice system to have.”

 - Brian Kahan, O.D., The Kahan Center