Pulse Access Suite Plus

Modular. Integrated. Scalable.

Pulse Access Suite Plus delivers Zero Trust for Hybrid IT

The Pulse Access Suite provides easy access for users and a single-pane-of-glass to streamline provisioning, management and scalability. The solution integrates adaptive identity and device authentication, protected connectivity, extensive visibility and analytics, and threat response across mobile, network and multi-cloud environments.

With the Suite, organizations can centrally orchestrate Zero Trust policy to ensure compliant access to applications, resources and services for hybrid IT.

Pulse Secure Suite Plus offers procurement ease with modular capabilities, deployment, and licensing to provide reduced total cost of ownership.


  • Essentials Plus provides secure access mobility to data center and cloud infrastructure (such as AWS and Azure) and services (such as Office 365, Box, Salesforce, and G Suite)
  • Advanced Plus adds optimized global connectivity, device discovery, visibility, and profiling for all users and devices
  • Enterprise Plus includes robust disaster recovery and planning across multiple regions, data centers, or cloud providers; high availability; optimized management for global deployments
  • Zero Trust Comparison. See how our Zero Trust approach stacks up against competitors
Pulse Access Suite Plus Datasheet

Learn more about each edition with our Pulse Access Suite Plus Datasheet

On the Radar: Pulse Secure delivers Zero Trust secure access

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The Zero Trust Secure Access Checklist

Leverage Pulse Secure’s Zero Trust Checklist to ensure Secure Access usability, protection, and compliance for data center and multi-cloud

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Enable seamless, proven secure access to hybrid IT
Our industry-leading Zero Trust Secure Access solutions make it easy for users to securely connect to applications and resources in the data center and cloud. Indeed, over 24,000 enterprises rely on Pulse to secure more than 20 million endpoints.

Reduce challenges and costs of secure access
The rapid introduction of new services, devices and applications adds to the complexity of on-going security and compliance enforcement. Security silos create an added burden with operational overhead, increased maintenance and planning, and expanded training.

Eliminate inconsistent workflows and user experience
Typical security solutions limit app choice and create inconsistent workflows and user experience across laptops and mobile devices. Prescriptive security solutions can limit application choice and usage, thereby reducing efficiencies and productivity.

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Take advantage of Secure Access consolidation
Consolidate disparate remote, mobile, cloud and network access controls and avoid disparate administrative, policy, management, and response gaps.

Management ease and deployment flexibility
Centralized administration and unified control with the freedom to move or extend implementation on premise, through private and public cloud - even with your hosting provider or managed service provider of choice.

Reduced total cost of ownership
Unified Secure Access platform that works with your existing investment and access ecosystem to reduce expensive administrative, license, management, incident response, and support costs.

Solutions and Services by Suite Edition

Pulse One Manager – (Cloud or On-premise) (Cloud)
Unified Client (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS)
Pulse Connect Secure (VPN)
Pulse Workspace (Mobile VPN, EMM)
Pulse Cloud Secure (SSO, Cloud Access)
Pulse Profiler (Network device discovery, insights, tracking)
Pulse Policy Secure (NAC)
Optimal Gateway Selection (vADC)
Global License Server
Virtual Advanced Delivery Controller with Services Director
Business Continuity (In Case of Emergency)
Gold or Platinum Support Services Option
Customer Success Manager Option Option Option

Key Capabilities per Edition

Laptop/Desktop VPN access to data center and cloud apps
Mobile device VPN access to data center and cloud apps
Cloud-based visibility of Access infrastructure
Unified client: Win, Mac, Linux, Chrome, iOS, Android, Win Mobile
Agent and agent-less Client
Multi-Factor Authentication, MFA Interoperability
Identity, Device, Security State Authentication
Compliance for remote and mobile access
Remote, cloud and network access visibility, analytics
Centralized cloud-based management of access infrastructure
Discovery and Profiling of network devices
Seamless access to cloud/SaaS applications
Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM, Container)
Global License Server (Virtual Edition)
Advanced role-based access control
Compliant campus access to cloud services
Guest Management (WiFi, Wired)
Layer 2 and Layer 3 network security enforcement
Secure internal networks, users & devices
Identify, classify and segment IoT devices
Optimal Gateway Selection
License bursting in emergencies
Advanced load-balancing for applications and gateways
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Choose Your Edition

Each edition offers a simple means to purchase, deploy, and scale coverage, management, and functionality.

Support Top Hybrid IT Secure Access Initiatives

Essentials Plus

  • Secure access to the data center and cloud infrastructure (such as AWS and Azure) and services (such as Office 365, Box, Salesforce and G Suite)
  • Simple migration from data center to hybrid IT and Data Center apps
  • Get in depth visibility into their users, devices and applications on the network.

Advanced Plus adds

  • Deploy Zero-trust secure access globally to connect users to the closest applications and infrastructure
  • Changing deployment needs that can benefit from flexible licensing controls over appliances (i.e. licensing server)
  • Device discovery to identify any rogue device on network.
  • Visibility and profiling over all users and devices attaching to the corporate network

Enterprise Plus adds

  • Significantly improve the end user experience by providing simpler connectivity options and optimized traffic flow
  • Robust disaster recovery plan across multiple regions, DCs, or cloud providers
  • Corporate policy to have all products deployed in High Availability mode
  • Optimize deployment time and management of the global deployment
  • Instantly address a dramatic peak or change in demand for remote access (i.e. ICE)

Customer Stories

Entegrus Strengthened Security Posture

Enables seamless, transparent user access for energy distribution

Canadian utility leverages Pulse Secure to service 60,000 customers while complying with NERC and NIST security standards.

Borgess Health Extends Remote Access

Offers Remote Network Access to Doctors While Keeping Patient Records Safe

Comprehensive healthcare system serving 1 million people provides remote access to physicians without disrupting workflow.

Baloise Insurance Built Secure and Flexible Network

Transformed unstable and aging infrastructure to modern, collaborative network

New infrastructure had to be secure from ground up, scalable to meet stringent business requirements, and able to grow along with future expansion plans.

DIAGRAM Pulse Secure Zero Trust Extended

Zero Trust Access for Data Center and Cloud

Pulse Secure Access Suite delivers end-to-end security, compliance, and scalability for modern workforce productivity.

  • Fast, secure, optimized access to data center and cloud services
  • Consistent native-user experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones
  • Simplified administration via centralized web-based console, end-user provisioning, and integration with MDM/EMM platforms
  • Consolidated compliance enforcement for remote and mobile secure access
  • Rapid, flexible deployment with simplicity, scale, and economics



“Entegrus has a long-standing relationship with Pulse Secure. The level of integration between the SSL and NAC and the extended feature set made it a straightforward choice for us.”

 - Dave Cullen, Manager of Information Systems, Entegrus

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“For us, the positive impact is the number of complaints we’ve had with our Pulse Secure system: none. The measure of a good product is that it’s reliable and there are no complaints. We have never had any downtime due to the software.”

 - Dale Nelson, System Administrator, Symantec Corporation


“The number one thing we have loved about Pulse Secure products is that they have worked with virtually constant uptime. We’re in IT, and we know that not everything works all the time, but Pulse Secure’s products have to and they do. Their simplicity to use and deploy puts them way beyond competitors.”

 - Matt Brennan, Vice President of Sales, VirtualArmor