Pulse Secure Unified Client

Secure Access to Corporate Networks for Employees and Contractors – Anywhere, Anytime and From Any Device

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Simple to Deploy, Simple to Use

Today’s businesses need anywhere, anytime connectivity to resources and applications. At the same time, workers demand the same seamless user experience both at home and on the go – whether at an airport, hotel, or café.

Single Client for Entire Pulse Portfolio
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Pulse Secure provides a single, unified client for different Pulse Secure products:

  • Pulse Connect Secure (VPN)
  • Pulse Policy Secure (PPS)
  • Pulse Zero Trust Access (PZTA)
  • Pulse Workspace (PWS)
Breadth of OS Platform Support
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Supports all major OS platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android.

Endpoint Security Checks
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Built-in Host Checking capabilities which validate the device posture against the set of defined corporate policies and allow access only if the device is compliant.

Rapid Onboarding
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Simple end-user self-provisioning and on boarding options to enable connectivity from multiple devices (BYOD and Corporate-owned)

Single Client for Better Productivity

A Single Client Means Streamlined Processes, Reduced Management Overhead, and Best-in-Class Integration

Location awareness

Connections are location-aware and capable of triggering connections based on user and device location.  Not all clients offer this extra feature.

Single sign-on (SSO) aware

Pulse Client supports multiple SSO protocols like SAML, Kerberos, Form Post, NTLM SSO, and others, streamlining connectivity and reducing the possibility of stolen credentials.

Smart connection list

The client supports fallback connection requests to a different server (from a list of configured servers) if the previous attempted server is down.  Most other clients don’t offer this capability.

Session migration

Users can roam between office to home and back – as well as between Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure without a disrupted connection, unlike other offerings which require multiple logins.

Multiple VPN tunnels

Pulse Client supports multiple VPN tunnels simultaneously from the same client.  This is perfect for Hybrid IT and multi-cloud:  users can access resources simultaneously with multiple tunnels. Other vendors require multiple logins using different clients.

Extensive feature support

Other features, like IPv6, embedded browser, Smartcard auth, credential providers, MFA inputs, and more, are supported by the Pulse Client, unlike other vendors.

Feature Highlights

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FIPS 140-2 Compliant

Data channels use FIPS-certified cryptographic module.
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User auth via Layer 3 tunnel to external identity provider.
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Smart Connectivity

Automated tunnel tear-down or re-establishment.
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App-level VPN Tunnel

iOS mobile traffic selectively secured.
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On-demand VPN for iOS

VPN connected automatically via predefined host.
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Authentication Options

Array of mechanisms, including OTP.
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FQDN Split Tunneling

Dynamically routed traffic to inside and outside tunnel.
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Change appearance of UI and input elements.

Pulse Client Advantages

A single client that provides remote and local access with a simple and easy user experience that’s the same across operating systems and the entire Pulse Secure product line.

Increased productivity. Reduced help desk calls. Better security profiles. All in one package.



"The two more important things is that we have increased our security posture and for the most part, there has been zero impact on our end users”

 - Dave Cullen, Manager, Information Systems, Entegrus

Baloise Insurance

"What seems like a simple solution is actually extremely well thought-out and definitely best-in class. It offers us scalability, security, and simplified management without a lot of complexity.”

 - Serge Bontemps, Service Manager, Baloise Insurance