Pulse Connect Secure

Zero Trust Secure Access from Any Device to Apps & Services in the Cloud and Data Center

Relentless innovation for next-generation secure access

Enterprise access has been redefined by BYOD, mobility, and cloud services.  Today’s workers demand secure connectivity regardless of location – their desk can be in a car, a hotel room, at home, or at a café.

Pulse Connect Secure is the result of 15 years of innovation and refinement which had led to the most reliable and feature-rich VPN built for the next generation.

  • Market Leader: 80% of Fortune 500 trust Pulse Secure by protecting over 20 million users
  • Cloud and Data Center: Simply blend public cloud services and data center application access
  • Easy Compliance: Granular control over who is accessing what, from where, when, and how
  • Familiar Experience: No matter what the device users choose, they’ll get the same streamlined user experience

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Pulse Connect Secure offers many features to enhance security and compliance for mobile workforces.

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Learn how Secure Access enhances usability, protection, and compliance for data center and multi-cloud environments.

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Real Solutions to Hybrid IT
Access Issues

Quickly deploy secure access from any device to any app – anywhere, anytime

New secure data access challenges
Today’s modern workforce no longer accesses applications only in a data center. Cloud adoption has accelerated and workers demand 24x7 secure access to applications regardless of location.

Reduce data loss & leakage
With increasing malware sophistication, the costs of data breaches are now approaching $4M USD each. Increased security posture and compliance are critical to protect sensitive corporate data.

Boosting worker productivity
Make sure workers can quickly access applications securely while ensuring device security compliance is a tall order. PCS is a solution that enables secure connectivity to any application anywhere, but you also want the devices connecting to your network to have the latest OS, security software, and patches.

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Secure Access to the Next Generation of Apps with Pulse Connect Secure

Workforces can use their preferred device to securely access applications and resources regardless of location

Secure access to cloud and data center applications
More than 20,000 enterprises use Pulse to secure more than 18 million endpoints.  Our unified client means a consistent, seamless user experience for workers, guests and contractors.

Reduce data loss & leakage
Pulse Connect Secure streamlines management of mobile devices by integrating with enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms. And it’s the first VPN to support an integrated security container with per-app connectivity controls to ensure sensitive corporate data remains secure.

Boost worker productivity
Workers can use Pulse Connect Secure to access corporate resources from any location using any web-enabled device such as a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.  There is no software to install or maintain on their devices – only a web browser is needed.

Feature Highlights
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Single Unified Client

Reduce management complexity with only one client for remote and onsite access

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Easy Integration

Directory Services, Identity Services, EMM/MDM, SIEM, NGFWs

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Dynamic, Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

Biometric authentication, TOTP, SAML 2.0, PKI, IAM, and digital certificates

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Stateful Endpoint Compliance

Ensure that all devices comply with security requirements before connecting

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Single Sign-On

Simple, secure, and streamlined access to on premise and cloud-based resources

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Zero Trust Connections

Protect data-in-motion with On-demand, Per-application, and Always-on VPN options

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Data Center and Multi-Cloud

Access that is easy, compliant and multi-cloud ready

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Centralized Management and Visibility

Centrally manage policy and track users, devices, security state and access activity

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Clientless Access

Access web base apps and virtual desktop products with nothing to install.

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Data access and protection requisites for industry and regulatory compliance

  • Key Features

  • Key Use Cases

  • Benefits

Secure, streamlined access to data center & cloud – anywhere, anytime

  • Adaptive Authentication – Intelligent, dynamic, multi-factor authentication based on numerous user attributes
  • Biometric Authentication Support – Certificate trust model of Microsoft Windows Hello for Business
  • Clientless Access – Access web applications and virtual desktops with nothing to install
  • Group Policy – Integrated with directory services like Active Directory and LDAP
  • Strong Authentication – Support for MFA, SAML 2.0, PKI, IAM, and digital certificates
  • Endpoint Compliance – Stateful host checking for security compliance before making a connectio
  • Single Client – Unified client supports multiple OS’s for smooth roaming and delightful user experience
  • Comprehensive VDI Support – Access published desktops and applications using HTML5 including Microsoft RDWeb, WMware, and Citrix
  • Conditional Access – Validate and verify devices and users with automated policies to protect networks and data
  • EMM/MDM Integration – Support for 3rd party solutions to enable enhanced policy enforcement
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – Simplify and streamlined access to data center and cloud
  • Centralized Management – Pulse One enables centralized management of policy, compliance, and authorization for cloud and data center access
  • Optional 3rd Party Integrations – Airwatch, MobileIron, and Microsoft Intune as well as many IDPs


Secure remote access for every organization

  • Employee Remote Access – Access any corporate resource, in the cloud or data center, from any location (home, airport, hotel, café) using any web-enabled device. With SSL VPN, all data is encrypted and authenticated so data transfer is secure.
  • Browser-based Access – For some applications, clientless access is possible: no client software needs to be installed or managed. Organizations can limit users’ access to specific applications and ensure corporate security policies are met.  Additionally, this prevents infected devices from harming the network.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Access – Provides remote users seamless access to virtual desktops with dynamic delivery of Citrix ICA or VMware View clients to simplify users’ experience. Multiple RDP connectivity options along with interoperability with VMware View Manager, Citrix XenDesktop, and Microsoft RD Web enables IT administrators to configure centralized remote access policies that blend VDI with other applications.
  • Integrated Remote and Mobile Access – Pulse Connect Secure provides for rapid, common onboarding of laptops, smartphones and tablets. Support for ActiveSync and on-demand VPN connectivity enables maximum device performance with proven scale.

Pulse Connect Secure enable secure remote and mobile access to services and applications from any device.

  • Delivers fast, secure, and optimized access to data center applications and cloud services, while ensuring a consistent native-user experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Consolidates and streamlines access for quick, always-on secure connectivity to resources with SSO, MFA, and endpoint compliance checks to keep data secure
  • Simplifies network access administration with centralized web-based console, end-user self-provisioning, and integration with EMM policy management platforms.
  • Stateful compliance checking ensures that endpoint devices meet corporate security policy requirements before being granted network access. Remediates devices and quarantines users, when necessary.
  • Always-on VPN enables organizations to enforce security compliance and visibility on all traffic from endpoints even when they are not on-premises.
  • Mobile Device Management integration offers comprehensive endpoint visibility to keep enterprise data secure for increasingly mobile workforces.
  • Integration with strong authentication and Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms ensures that existing corporate authentication methods can be leveraged easily.
  • Single Sign-On support enables rapid and seamless access to applications, streamlining users’ experiences and increasing productivity and security.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning enables automated configuration without manual intervention, reducing administrative effort.



“The two most important things are that we have increased our security posture… and there has been zero impact on our end users.”

 - Dave Cullen, Manager of Information Systems, Entegrus


“The number one thing we have loved about Pulse Secure products is that they have worked with virtually constant uptime. We’re in IT, and we know that not everything works all the time, but Pulse Secure’s products have to and they do. Their simplicity to use and deploy puts them way beyond competitors.”

 - Matt Brennan, Vice President of Sales, VirtualArmor

“With SSL-VPN from Pulse Secure, I have always been able to meet all my customers’ requirements in a short time.”

– Dr. Johannes Bley, Consultant, IT Beratung