Secure Access Management
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Centralized, Scalable Secure Access and Visibility Management

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Pulse One Delivers Scalable Centralized Management
for Pulse Secure Access Solutions

Administrators can manage software updates, reports, and monitoring of Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure from a single pane of glass. Pulse One is available as a cloud-based, virtual, and physical appliance.

Intuitive Dashboards
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Web-based console with drill-down monitoring dashboards delivers a detailed Secure Access view.

Holistic Visibility and Reporting
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Context-aware visibility and on-demand reporting of appliances, mobile, and IoT devices.

Central Management Console
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Automated software configuration and disaster recovery through backup and restoration of appliance configurations.

Easy Deployment and Scalable
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Flexible deployment options include SaaS, virtual, or appliance, and scalability to any business requirements.

Group Based Management
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Group-based policy management of appliances and endpoints.

Feature Highlights

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Converged Access Visibility and Control

Unified control and visibility of access for users, privileged users and guests as well as laptops, mobile and IoT devices.

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Group-based Management

Automate updates to appliance configuration, policies and features by IT-defined groups.

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Easy Deployment and Scale

Simple cloud or on-premise appliance deployment that scales to meet the secure access needs of your enterprise today and tomorrow.

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Centralized Management

Administer though an intuitive, cloud-based console.

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Built-in EMM features for Pulse Workspace and corporate-owned mobile devices.

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Monitoring and Reporting

Monitors system activity and provides historical reporting.

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Compliance reporting

Visibility and reporting of appliances, users, devices and access activity.

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Back-office Integration

Uses APIs and connectors for easy integration with directory services and other systems.

  • Overview

  • Technical Specs

  • Benefits

Centralized visibility, policy and system management for mobile, cloud and data center Secure Access

  • Secure Access deployment as best-in-class standalone solutions or as an integrated platform – works with your existing infrastructure.
  • Unified administration and visibility for endpoint, mobile, and IoT devices. A single web-based console from which to apply software updates to appliances.
  • Flexible platform options fit the IT needs of any cloud, on-premise, or virtual infrastructure. Pulse One is capable of centralizing alert logs from multiple appliances without performance degradation.

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Feature Pulse One Express Pulse One Cloud Pulse One Appliance
Basic Appliance Visibility
Overall System Dashboard
Profiled Devices Dashboard
Appliance Dashboard
Built-in MDM
Mobility Dashboard
Manage Appliance Groups
Appliance Activity Trail
Appliance Configuration History
Reboot Appliances
Compare Appliance Configurations
Configuration Distribution
Configuration Backup and Restore
Appliance Software Upgrades
Appliance Utilization Reports
User Activity Tracking
Advanced & Custom Reports
Log Aggregator
Log Analyzer

Pulse One centralized management makes administering Secure Access simpler. Through a single web-based console, administrators can assess overall health, create policies, and generate reports, all at a moment's notice.

  • Quick assessment of the general health of Pulse Secure Secure Access infrastructure.
  • Data Analytics and reporting aid administrators to prioritize the incidents that require immediate attention.
  • Centralized policy creation from a single platform saves administrative time and effort.