Pulse SDP Provides Zero Trust Secure Access

Simple, Direct, and Secure Multi-Cloud Application and Resource Access 

Pulse Secure provides the only integrated, dual-mode SDP and VPN access solution

Organizations worldwide are under increasing pressure to support a mobile workforce while ensuring protected and compliant access. Resources are rapidly migrating to public and private cloud and users are demanding easy, 24x7 access to those applications and information regardless of their location.  At the same time, malware is becoming increasingly sophisticated and adept at penetrating networks, and data breaches are all-too-often in the news.

  • 66% of organizations expect that within two years, more than 30% of their cloud-resident data will be sensitive
  • 53% of mobile knowledge workers wait at least a week. before applying a security patch or update to the devices they use for work.
  • 45% of organizations that have repatriated a public cloud-based application(s)/workload(s) have deployed them on converged infrastructure.

With Pulse SDP, you can quickly and easily:

  • Enable Secure Access to hybrid IT applications
  • Secure the increasingly amorphous network perimeter
  • Deliver enhanced user experience and application accessibility
EXPERT FOCUS: Zero Trust and SDP

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White Paper: Software Defined Perimeter

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Pulse SDP Datasheet

Get a quick overview of Pulse SDP architecture and functionality.

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Enabling Rapid Secure Access to Applications While Reducing the Attack Surface

How can you enable remote and mobile workforce access to applications while simultaneously protecting your network?

New Workforce Mobility Access Challenges
Workers are demanding access to myriad applications in the data center and cloud from numerous BYOD devices. And, they want access from wherever they’re located – airports, hotels, and cafes.

An Increasingly Amorphous Perimeter
Today’s network perimeter is less and less defined. BYOD, IoT, cloud, virtualization, and mobility all combine to enhance productivity and access, but also enable data loss and leakage as well as possible malware penetration.

Seamless Application Access
Delivering wide-ranging secure application access isn’t easy. Users want quick access while you want secure, compliant, and performant access without a lot of management overhead.

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Pulse SDP Enables a Secure Modern Workforce

CIO success today is based on worker enablement: giving users secure, frictionless access to resources regardless of the constraints of location, time, or device. Pulse SDP extends and enhances Pulse Secure’s Zero Trust capabilities by authenticating all users prior to accessing applications, restricting access to only specific applications by policy and rendering other resources “dark”, invisible to unauthorized users like threat actors and malware.


Enhanced User Experience
The user experience is seamless and friction-free because Pulse SDP provides an intuitive client for PC and mobile devices.

Cloud and Data Center Access
Protects and enables complete access for both multi-cloud and data center applications via certificate-based SSO.

Increased Compliance
Increases compliance by checking the security state of every device that attempts a connection and access policies can be fine-tuned accordingly.

Feature Highlights

Access Ease

Access Ease

Agent and agentless Client access provides consistent user experience – does not require establishing a VPN connection.

Dual-mode VPN and SDP Architecture

Dual-mode VPN and SDP Architecture

Single pane-of-glass management and operational visibility across public cloud, private cloud and data center.

Multi-Factor Authentication and Authorization

Multi-Factor Authentication and Authorization

Ensures users, their devices and the applications they access are continuously verified.

Built on Pulse Secure Zero Trust Tenets

Built on Pulse Secure Zero Trust Tenets

Takes advantage of the user, device, resource and security state “verify before trust” capabilities of the Pulse platform.

Reduced Attack Surface

Reduced Attack Surface

Per-app network segmentation and direct app access minimizes data center and cloud resource exposure.

Uniform Policy Management

Uniform Policy Management

Ensures consistently provisioned secure connections that increase usability and security while reducing errors and gateware sprawl.

Responsiveness and Scale

Responsiveness and Scale

Separate data and control places with proprietary Optimal Gate Selector™ technology expedites application delivery.

Deployment Flexibility

Deployment Flexibility

Supports On-premise, private cloud and 3rd party managed service delivery.

  • Overview

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  • Technical Specs

  • Benefits

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Pulse SDP Architecture

Pulse Secure provides the only dual-mode VPN and SDP solution. Pulse SDP™ enables employees and guests to quickly access the applications and resources they need, while administrators can define detailed policy rules that govern exactly which applications users can access.

Pulse SDP Delivers Provisioning Simplicity, Scale, and Superior Economics for Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud

  • Access Ease: Pulse unified clients can also function as intelligent SDP clients to provide a consistent user experience across all access. Access to cloud applications, like Salesforce or Office 365, is quick, direct and efficient — no VPN is established, reducing network bandwidth and traffic.
  • Extensive Multi-factor Authentication and Authorization Options: Ensures users, their devices and the applications they access are continuously verified before and during the transaction.
  • Access Responsiveness: Separate data and control planes to ensure scalability with proprietary Optimal Gateway Selector™ technology to expedite application delivery.
  • Reduced Attack Surface: By providing per-application network segmentation and direct access to applications, the attack surface is further reduced in the data center or cloud.
  • Uniform Policy Management: Enables consistently provisioned secure connections that increase usability and security while reducing configuration errors, policy drift, and gateway sprawl.
  • Dual-mode VPN and SDP Architecture
    Pulse Secure provides enterprises with a single pane of glass management and operational visibility across public cloud, private cloud, and data center.
  • Built on Pulse Secure Zero Trust: Pulse SDP™ takes advantage of the Zero Trust capabilities provided in the Secure Access platform.

Delivering Flexible Secure Access for Today’s Modern Workforce

Pulse SDP streamlines and secures access to applications, likely the most critical aspect of delivering business effectiveness, continuity, and growth.  Whether you’re trying to seamlessly enable secure access for your mobile workforce, or faced with migrating applications to the cloud, Pulse SDP enables your company’s digital transformation.

Per-application Segmentation in Data Center & Private Cloud
Pulse SDP offers today’s modern businesses the ability to tightly control access to applications regardless of location.  Further, Pulse SDP enables administrators to specify access on a per-application basis.  And with Pulse SDP’s “dark cloud” feature, unauthorized users won’t even see these resources, reducing the threat surface and lateral malware spread.

Privileged and 3rd Party Access to Applications from Anywhere
With increased workforce mobility and 3rd party access, the rapid influx of IoT into the enterprise, security risks have increased. Pulse SDP gives control back to administrators to secure network borders by enforcing Zero Trust. It does this by checking each and every endpoint before it connects, requiring deep user authentication and authorization.

Direct, Secure Access to Public Cloud Applications
Pulse SDP offers users quick access to cloud applications like Salesforce or Office 365 via direct connections. This reduces network bandwidth and no site-to-site VPN is required.

Key Features and Benefits

Pulse SDP offers enterprises secure access with stateful user, device, and security posture authentication; centralized policy management with granular control; and integrated security mechanisms closest to the resource. It is an adaptive “verify, then trust” access model that preserves usability and assures business compliance.

Feature Benefit
Dual-mode VPN and SDP architecture Provides enterprises with a single pane of glass management and operational visibility across public cloud, private cloud, and data center
Extensive multi-factor authentication (MFA) and authorization options Ensures that users, their devices, and the applications they access are continuously verified before and during transactions
Uniform policy management Enables consistently provisioned secure connections that increase usability and security while reducing configuration errors, policy drift, and gateway sprawl
Granular, stateful access enforcement Aligns business and compliance requirements with on-demand, application-level access that supports anytime, anywhere access and preferred device
Enhanced user experience Offers users easy and seamless access options including web portal, application-activated, single sign-on (SSO), and captive portal.
Access responsiveness Control and data plane separation ensures scalability with proprietary Optimal Gateway Selection™ technology to expedite application delivery
Deployment flexibility Deployment flexibility Freedom to move or extend on-premise implementation through public and private cloud, or with a hosting provider or managed service provider of choice

Deliver enhanced, streamlined secure access to data center and cloud applications

Connect your increasingly mobile workforce while reducing the attack surface

  • Enhanced security profile and device compliance
  • Defend against modern security threats and lateral spread
  • Integrated secure access solution with simplicity, scale, and lower total cost of ownership
  • Improved user experience with application accessibility

What Our Customers Say


“Despite industry suggestions about VPN replacement, SDP is not a panacea for all applications and hybrid IT infrastructure as enterprises migrate to the cloud. While deployments can offer comparatively simple, secure connectivity, SDP projects tend to be based on specific use cases and projects. VPN and SDP will likely co-exist for a while, so organizations need to keep an eye on joint usability, management and costs."

Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group