Pulse Workspace Enables Secure Mobility

The right amount of control for remote workers without invading their privacy

Boost productivity by blending business and personal BYOD

BYOD is now the rule, not the exception: nearly 70% of companies view BYOD as a strategic way to mobilize more workers. At the same time, data breaches are becoming more common costing an average of $4M each.

IT departments must protect data (in-motion and at-rest) while encouraging worker productivity.  Pulse Workspace makes it easy to leverage BYOD while ensuring secure mobile access to apps and resources.

  • Per-app connectivity that leverages existing enterprise VPN and NAC for simplified deployment and proven scale
  • Fully separated container security for enterprise and employee data, apps, communications, and networking
  • Use any mobile app for business, securing and managing it without modification
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Learn how Pulse Workspace and Connect Secure work together, letting employees use their personal mobile device securely – for greater productivity

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Learn how Pulse Secure provides a powerful, yet easy to deploy and use solution that enables BYOD, mobile apps and cloud service access from iOS and Android devices.

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Securing Data While Encouraging Employee BYOD Productivity

What is the best method of ensuring data security while keeping employee-owned data private when implementing BYOD?

New data leakage challenges
Using enterprise apps on employee-owned devices creates new data leakage and connectivity challenges for CISOs and IT departments alike.  Unless connectivity and activity are secured, data can be lost or stolen.

Complex MDM integration
Mobile security solutions rely on native security enforcement, displacing current network security solutions with unproven security gateways.

Barriers to Adoption
Application choice can be limited by solutions that modify them via SDKs or wrappers to ensure security.  Restricting device choice can reduce worker productivity and enthusiasm for BYOD, while mandating a prescriptive usage policy is another barrier to adoption.

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Enterprise Mobility Management that Workers Love

Enable employees to use their preferred device, keep their data private, while ensuring enterprise data security

Reduce data leakage and encourage employee BYOD
Using containers, Pulse Workspace separates enterprise applications and data from personal items such as photos.  This gives IT control over corporate information while empowering workers.

Easy integration with IT infrastructure
Leverage per-app connectivity with existing Pulse Secure VPN and NAC functionality for simplified deployment and proven scale.  This also facilitates seamless access to cloud services and data center applications regardless of location or device.

Encourage employee BYOD productivity
BYOD initiatives are more successful when employees can use any app, any time, with their own device.  Pulse Workspace makes it possible to use any mobile app for business, securing and managing it without modification.

Feature Highlights

No Mess Mobile App Management

No Mess Mobile App Management

Ensure that the connecting device complies with your security requirements.

BYOD Workspace

BYOD Workspace

Container technology ensures user experience while protecting corporate data and applications.

Device Choice

Device Choice

Bring the device that you choose to work – Android or IOS.

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Administer though an intuitive, cloud-based console.

App Catalogue

App Catalogue

Manage access to unmodified, popular and enterprise-approved apps in Google Play and Apple AppStore.

Seamless Access Security

Seamless Access Security

Certificate-based and device biometric authentication automatically enables VPN and email access.

Automatic Push and Provision

Automatic Push and Provision

Corporate network settings and apps are configured automatically on the device.

Device Security

Device Security

Enforce appropriate use of encryption and local PIN code.

Email Configuration

Email Configuration

Auto-provision email access and free up help desk resources.

Per-app Connectivity

Per-app Connectivity

Automatically connect to the datacenter with per-app VPN and to the cloud via policy-based split tunneling.

Employee Privacy Protection

Employee Privacy Protection

Your worker’s information is theirs and only theirs. Ensures seamless remote wipe of corporate data/apps.



Supports data access and protection requisites for industry and regulatory compliance.

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Pulse Workspace

Pulse Workspace separates sensitive corporate information on BYOD devices from workers’ personal information.  It gives just the right amount of control to IT without invading the device owner’s privacy.

Simple to deploy Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution

Integrating policy-based connectivity with secure device containers

  • Provide secure per-app connectivity for Android, iOS devices, enhancing worker productivity
  • Secure and separate corporate and employee data, apps, and connectivity, reducing data leakage
  • Deploy secured enterprise apps, manage from group-based catalog
  • Securely access data center & cloud apps seamlessly from anywhere
  • Single Sign-on for faster access & fewer help desk calls
  • Enhance security compliance with device checks before connection
  • Curate apps in Apple App Store & Google Play
  • Enable Microsoft Office & other suites, increasing collaboration and communication
  • Manage endpoint connectivity, mobile apps, and security appliances from a unified cloud-based console

A mobility solution with all the features you need – except the complexity.

Application Controls

  • Deploy, manage, and wipe only enterprise applications
  • Personal applications run privately – isolated from enterprise apps

Data protection

  • Remotely lock device in case of theft or loss
  • Prevents personal apps from using enterprise data

Workspace Management

  • Over-the-air workspace deployment & centralized policy management
  • Group-based, user-based, device-based management


Employee Privacy Protection

  • No sensitive enterprise data sent to, or stored on, centralized console
  • Employees’ personal activities, location cannot be accessed by admin

Email Settings & Options

  • ActiveSync support
  • POP3 & IMAP account management

Device Compliance

  • Root & jailbreak detection
  • Enforce device encryption
  • Blocks USB debugging

Passcode Restrictions

  • Passcode expiration, complexity, & incorrect attempts

VPN Management

  • Define VPN connection, or restrict to only inside workspace
  • Provide certificate or password-based authentication
  • Populate username automatically for authentication

Wi-Fi Management

  • Define Wi-Fi access points for end users
  • Supports WPA2, WEP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS and EAP-PEAP

Manage iOS and Android users to a single security & compliance standard

Harness the power of enterprise mobility that protects corporate information while enabling the use of mobile apps, BYOD, and cloud services.

PWS DeviceConsole
  • No mess mobile app management – curate and deploy apps by group via an enterprise catalog without the headaches of deploying a new platform
  • Device choice – bring the device that you choose to work: Android or iOS
  • Automatic Secure Access – certificate-based authentication automatically enables VPN and email access for extended productivity and collaboration
  • Relaxed users – workers assured their privacy is not invaded and personal data won’t be wiped


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Integration Partners

“Workspace was an easy sell to executives. Not only did it meet and exceed all of our security needs, but it was easy to deploy and enabled our employees to provision their own mobile devices.”

Brett Safford, IT Manager at Integration Partners

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Integration Partners

“In short, Workspace is a solid BYOD management system that lets me forget about it and focus on projects that will further the success of Integration Partners.”

Brett Safford, IT Manager at Integration Partners

“Pulse Secure allowed our users to have the same experience working remotely compared to what they were used to when working in the office.”

– IT Specialist, Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company