Steel Belted Radius
Network access security solution for enterprises
Centrally and uniformly enforce access and security policies

The SBR Enterprise Series is a reliable, interoperable, standards-based AAA/RADIUS servers that provide scalable authentication control, robust access policy management, and centralized configuration management in a comprehensive solution.

Vital to any organization is the ability to dictate and manage secure access to the enterprise network, as well as control how users connect and what resources they can access on the enterprise network.
Steel Belted Radius Enterprise Series
  • Comprehensive Access The SBR Enterprise Series allows enterprises to control network access authorizations and configure access restrictions or special requirements such as connection time limits
  • Apply Policies Centrally With SBR Enterprise Series, administrators can centrally manage and uniformly apply policies to all users attempting network access, significantly easing deployment and streamlining network administration
  • Broad Access Support SBR Enterprise Series supports the access technologies, user authentication stores, and authentication protocols required by most enterprises
  • Unparalleled Reliability The SBR Enterprise Series delivers extremely reliable performance with a minimum of downtime and productivity loss, increasing ROI
"Customers want a consolidated offering for access control, SSL VPN, and mobile device security. Pulse Secure is in a great position to provide a unique solution."
Jeff Wilson
Infonetics Research
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