Secure Anytime, Anywhere Access to Applications with Zero Trust

Organizations need ubiquitous secure access to data center and cloud applications

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Zero Trust Service Enables Secure Access to Multi-Cloud and Data Center

Workforces are increasingly mobile and remote – and require access to applications across hybrid IT environments. They often directly access web apps, use compromised networks and work with vulnerable or compromised devices, exposing organizations to threat and data leakage risks. Businesses today require a zero trust solution that enables more fluid anytime, anywhere access to applications and information in the data center and cloud.

  • High-performance, flexible cloud-based service with a simple, streamlined user experience
  • Improved security posture with continuous user and device authentication and verification
  • Faster malicious and anomalous activity visibility, detection, and response

Why are organizations adopting Zero Trust Network Access?

Streamlined user experience

Users demand anytime, anywhere access to applications on-premises or in multi-clouds using their device of choice

Direct, trusted application access

Administrators and users want unfettered secure access to specific applications without excessive configuration, intervention, or training

Enhanced Security

Identity and device authentication, “always-on” data encryption, and application shielding reduces threat, attack and data leakage risks

Simplified Administration

Centralized visibility, management, and policy deployment is critical in today’s complex hybrid IT environment for increased productivity and operational efficiency

Rapid provisioning

Quickly enabling secure connectivity for employees, partners, channels, suppliers, contractors, and so on is critical in today’s business environment


Cloud-native scalability, agility, and flexibility are crucial to meet the demands of today’s enterprises and service providers

Right-sized deployment

Matching users to secure access needs can best be addressed with as-a-service user-based licensing

Key Enterprise ZTNA Capabilities

Continuous trust verification

Ensure that users and their devices are fully authenticated and authorized before a session is established

Efficient access management

Single pane-of-glass visibility, end-to-end analytics, and automated provisioning

User Entity Behavior Analytics

Assign risk scores to all sessions to ensure all application activity for advanced threat response

Deployment flexibility

Secure application accessibility across multi-cloud and data center

Increased security posture

Stateful user and device endpoint compliance verification, data sovereignty, and Dark Cloud support

Avoid “rip and replace”

Protect existing investments with a fully integrated Secure Access portfolio for operational efficiency and superior user experience

Client-Initiated Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Advantages

Pulse Zero Trust Access (PZTA) aligns to CSA’s client-initiated SDP architecture to deliver secure access as a service for hybrid IT. Our zero trust solution provides separate cloud-based control and data planes which offer performance and security advantages. Clients initiate session requests to a central Controller, governing all application requests using policies. The Controller provides centralized policy management and performs verification of user identity and client security to determine what applications, on premises or in the cloud, should be made available, as well as enabling direct client-to-application encrypted access. This yields several significant advantages:

  • Improved security posture through stateful user and device authentication, granular access authorization, end-to-end visibility, and reduce attack surface
  • Faster, more secure access through automated provisioning of direct-to-application access from any user (employee contractor, third-party) and their device to Gateways closest to the application
  • Broad application support for multi-cloud and data center with a flexible, scalable, and rapidly deployable cloud-based platform
A flowchart explaining zero trust network access